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BLUF Manchester events are organised in association with Manchester Leathermen and take place in the Manchester gay village, centred around Canal Street. Manchester Leathermen also organise a number of other leather orientated events. Information from Dave, aka 30holedms (1108) and Nick (608).

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News from BLUF Local: Manchester

BLUF Manchester 2018

The first BLUF Manchester event of 2018 has now happened and the pics from the event are available in the Magazine section of the BLUF website as well as on the Manchester Leathermen Facebook page.

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Monday 12 March, Nick (608). Updated 19 Mar, 20:01 by Nick (608)

Upcoming MLM events

Here are the details of the upcoming Manchester Leather Men December 2017 events.

Leather social Saturday: 7th April (upstairs at the Thompson Arms from 9pm) There are also monthly BDSM workshops at the LGBT Foundation on the same day as the leather social starting at 7pm

Please note that The social on Sat 2nd is now at 'Company Bar' and not at Delicatezze as all monthly socials were previously

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Monday 27 November, Nick (608). Updated 19 Mar, 19:55 by Nick (608)

Manchester Leather Weekend 2017

Well Manchester Leather Weekend 2017 is now over but it was a great weekend of leather clad events, including of course the BLUF social on Saturday.

We'd just like to thank you all for turning out and in particular coming to Delicatezze for the BLUF Social. We are in the final process of processing the picture and will have them uploaded in the next day or 2.

Hopefully you all enjoyed yourselves at the weekend and for those who weren't able to attend don't worry there's always next year so put the dates in your diary (Fri 5th Oct - Mon 8th Oct).

Feel free to contact the BLUF Manchester team Dave, aka 30holedms (1108) or Nick (608).

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Tuesday 10 October, Nick (608). Updated 10 Oct, 17:58 by Nick (608)

BLUF Blog: Manchester

BLUF at Manchester Pride

The photos in the gallery below are from BLUF Northwest during Manchester Pride 2013. Click a photo to view on Flickr.

Published 10 Sep 2013 • Read more

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Manchester Leather Weekend 2018

Friday 05 October -> 08 Monday Oct 18

Save the Date! The date of Manchester Leather Weekend is now set as Fri 5th October to Mon 8th October. Details of the events will be posted as and when they are announced.

Multiple venues in and around the Manchester gay village.

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