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Information about London specific events, from Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3). Most BLUF London events take place at The Backstreet in Mile End, but many members also regularly attend the London Leather Social and meetings of London Leathermen. We also organise a presence at the London Pride Parade.

BLUF at Pride 2015

BLUF at Pride 2015

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London Leather Social - Virtual Edition

Sunday 07 Mar, 19:00

Join the men of the London Leather Social for your monthly (online!) fix of leather and socialising!

Meeting ID: 845 0789 8945
Password: comptons

7-7.20pm - Whole group chat
7.20-7.40pm - “Boot Care 101” with Tristan, aka Touko (4117)
7.40-8.10pm - 10-minute randomised breakout rooms
8.10-9pm - 15-minute participant’s choice breakout rooms

Online via Zoom

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Backstreeet: Appeal dismissed

The decision in the planning appeal regarding redevelopment of The Backstreet has been published today (Friday 9th August). The developers appealed against the council's decision not to grant planning permission.

Appeal dismissed

So, the council’s decision has been upheld and the redevelopment of The Backstreet, and the rest of the site, will not be permitted to go ahead. Theoretically, it is possible that the developers could ask for a judicial review, but given that the council, the Mayor of London, and the Planning Inspectorate have all decided against them, that would seem quite unlikely.

The screenshots attached to this news article contain some extracts from the report - and it’s clear that the Planning Inspector was not convinced by the undertakings made regarding The Backstreet.

Thanks are doubtless due not just to the people within the community who registered their objections, but to the council officers, in particular, Ms Gawne, whose ‘Proof of Evidence’ is available on the Tower Hamlets development portal.

This is a long document, but the part from page 50 (sections 9.61 to 9.118) provide a comprehensive argument for the retention of the club, including its importance to the leather community. To me, this shows the importance of making the representations we did, throughout the planning process. It is a well argued case, made by a public servant, for retaining an LGBT venue on its merit - something that would probably have been unimaginable twenty years ago.

So what happens now?

Honestly, no one knows. The future of The Backstreet is safe, for the time being. As mentioned above, it’s unlikely the developers will spend yet more money on a judicial review of the appeal.

They may - and very probably will - come back with an alternative development proposal. It’s worth remembering once again the timeline if they do. The current proposal was first exhibited in the autumn of 2013, six years ago. It took almost three years for the proposal to be turned into a planning application, and a further three years for that to reach its conclusion.

Planning is, as we’ve said before, a slow process. We will, of course, keep an eye on what happens next, and stand ready to fight once again if it’s necessary.

In the meantime, see you at Backstreet.

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Friday 09 August, Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3). Updated 09 Aug, 13:48 by Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3)


London Pride Parade photos

07 Jul 2019

Check out these photos from BLUF and London Leathermen in the London Pride Parade: BLUF & LLM in the London Pride Parade 2019


London Pride Parade update

10 Jun 2019

28th June: Another update on the London Pride Parade. We are in section C of the parade, at position 115. This means that our arrival window is between 11.30 and 12.30, and all those marching with us need to arrive together. We are next to the Recon group, which is at C114 with their DJ truck.

The expected waiting time in the form-up area is around 90 minutes, and the march will


BLUF Blog: London

More London Pride photos

These photos were taken by Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3) before the march, as members of BLUF and London Leathermen gathered at One Marylebone.

Published 08 Jul 2019 • More

London Pride Photos, 2017 - gallery 4

The photos in this gallery were taken by Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3) during the London Pride Parade 2017. Principally of BLUF and London Leathermen, it also includes a few other general shots of Pride. Click the photo to launch the gallery, and click the link below a photo to view it on Flickr

Published 14 Jul 2017 • More

London Pride Photos, 2017 - gallery 2

Thanks to Longshot (2710) for this collection of photos of the BLUF/LLM group in the London Pride Parade

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London Pride Photos, 2017 - gallery 3

The photos in the gallery on this page were taken by a variety of people during the 2017 London Pride Parade, and show the BLUF / London Leathermen group. To view full details of each photo on Flickr, click the link below each picture.

Published 10 Jul 2017 • More

London Pride Photos, 2017

The photos in this collection were taken by John, aka nettyjohn (2553) on the Pride Parade, and follow the BLUF and London Leathermen group from our rendezvous at the King's Arms through the march. Click the photo to start viewing the gallery of over 200 images, or view them on Flickr

Published 09 Jul 2017 • More

The battle for Backstreet

Last night, at a meeting of the Tower Hamlets Strategic Development Committee, the future of London's only leather bar was secured - for the time being at least.

The proposal

Backstreet is the only part of a large building that's still in use. It occupies the back of a larger

Published 17 Feb 2017 • More