BLUF Subscription terms and privacy policy

June 2020

The information on this page applies when you are a BLUF Subscriber, in addition to our standard rules and privacy policy.

BLUF Subscriptions

A BLUF subscription is a recurring donation to BLUF. Subscriptions may be charged to a credit or debit card or, in certain countries, directly to your bank account. Subscriptions are provided under these terms and conditions:

  1. Your subscription to BLUF is a recurring donation to support the Breeches and Leather Uniform Fanclub, and not a purchase of services
  2. You will be considered a "BLUF Subscriber" upon our receipt of the confirmation of your first payment of your BLUF subscription
  3. Where you choose to create a subscription using a credit or debit card, your card will be charged immediately
  4. Where you choose to create a subscription using a direct bank payment, you may choose the day of the month on which you wish to pay
  5. Depending on the country in which you live, you may be offered a choice of paying either every month ("monthly") or every three months ("quarterly")
  6. You can change your subscription plan (the amount and frequency of your donations) at any time, from the 'My Donations' page of the BLUF website
  7. Depending on the method of payment, and the changes you choose to make, it may take a little while for changes to take effect
  8. You may cancel your subscription at any time, and you will cease immediately to be a BLUF Subscriber
  9. If you are in financial difficulties, you may pause your subscription plan for up to three months in a calendar year, while remaining a BLUF Subscriber. You must contact to arrange this

Subscription benefits

  1. The sole guaranteed benefit to which "BLUF Subscribers" are entitled is the BLUF black membership card ("BLUF Black Card")
  2. Upon becoming a subscriber, if you wish to receive a BLUF Black Card, you must supply us with your name and address, using the form provided on the My Donations page of the website, so that it may be posted to you
  3. Your BLUF Black Card needs to be activated on the BLUF website before it can be used
  4. Merchants and other partners will be able to verify online if your BLUF Black Card is active
  5. Your BLUF Black Card will cease to be active if you terminate your BLUF Subscription, or if your BLUF Subscription is terminated by BLUF
  6. Your subscription will be terminated by BLUF if you cease to be a member of the club for any reason, or if we are informed by one of our payment processors that payment can no longer be taken for your subscription
  7. We will inform you if your membership has ceased due to a failure of payment processes. Upon confirmation from our payment processors that payment is successful, we will reactivate your BLUF Black Card
  8. We reserve the right to offer, from time to time, additional benefits and incentives to subscribers, besides the BLUF Black Card. These benefits may take the form of additional features on the website, or of benefits made available to holders of a BLUF Black Card by third parties
  9. While we and our partners will use best efforts to offer subscriber benefits, we cannot guarantee that they will always be available
  10. When your BLUF Black Card is scanned, or the card number is entered into our website, information about you will be displayed. You can choose which information is displayed, and edit it on the My donations page of the BLUF website. By entering this information into your BLUF black card settings on our website, you consent to it being displayed online. Merchants and other partners will not be able to access your personal financial information


  1. Where your subscription uses a credit or debit card, payments will be processed on our behalf by Stripe
  2. Where your subscription is taken directly from your bank account, payments will be processed on our behalf by Go Cardless
  3. To set up or manage your subscription, we will pass your BLUF memberid, and your choice of subscription plan, to the relevant payment processor. We do not receive or store any of your personal financial information, which is always securely stored by the payment processing company
  4. If your BLUF account is deleted, we may retain records of payments received, for tax and accounting purposes