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The Breeches and Leather Uniform Fanclub

Welcome to the home of BLUF, the Breeches and Leather Uniform Fan Club. BLUF is a club for men who enjoy wearing breeches and leather uniforms. Founded in 1997, there are now over 4,000 members worldwide, and many of them meet in person at BLUF events.

On the BLUF menu, you can find out more about the club. The Community menu has our calendar of events and blog, while on the Info menu you can find many useful resources, including other clubs, vendors and venues around the world.

Why join BLUF?

BLUF is one of the world's biggest communities for men into leather uniforms, with members in dozens of countries and around 100 events every year. Joining BLUF gives you access to our whole site, where you can meet other guys seriously into leather, create a profile, and become part of our community. We maintain a strict dresscode, which you can read about here.

Joining BLUF is free and open to men who meet our dresscode requirements. The site is run by volunteers, and owned by BLUF Ltd, a not-for-profit company based in the UK.


Highlights from the BLUF Calendar

Gear Social

London, 17 November 2024

Heart of England Leather Club

Birmingham, 17 August 2024

Code Black

Copenhagen K, 12 October 2024


Berlin, 4 July 2024

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Around the world
Montreal: BLUF Montréal : 3 events at Montréal Pride this summer

You have the choice of participating in several pride events in Canada, United-States, Europe or elsewhere on the planet, this summer. You are a leatherman ... have you thought about Montréal, Québec, Canada ? BLUF Montréal offers you 3 events during Montréal Pride from August 1 to 11 :

  • 8th Anniversary of BLUF Montréal, Friday, August 9, from 8 to 10 PM, at bar Le Stud ;
  • Community Day, Saturday, August 10, from noon to 4 PM, join us at the BLUF Montréal kiosk on Sainte-Catherine Street ;
  • Montréal Pride Parade, Sunday, August 11, join the BLUF Montréal contingent from noon to 4 PM,

Contact us to participate at these events : Cuir99 (1675), LanglitzMontreal (3301).

Montreal: Souper de Noël de BLUF Montréal Christmas Dinner

Souper de Noël de BLUF Montréal Christmas Dinner

English follows

Ce fut une très belle soirée BLUF encore une fois hier, surtout en ce 8ieme souper des fêtes au resto Fantasie et a notre rencontre mensuelle au bar Stud. Merci a tous pour votre participation et votre enthousiasme contagieux. Vous êtes tous très beaux et sexy. Passez de très jouyeuses fêtes et long vie à la communauté cuir.

It was a very nice BLUF evening once again, especially on this 8th holiday dinner at the Fantasie restaurant and at our monthly meeting at the Stud bar. Thank you all for your participation and your contagious enthusiasm. You are all very beautiful and sexy. Have a very happy holiday and long life to the leather community.

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