Useful links

For links to businesses and bars, please check the other options on the Info menu. The links here are to information that can be displayed on member profiles. When a member clicks a link, for example for information about PrEP, we automatically direct them to the appropriate site, based on the language they use on BLUF, and the country they are in.

The links are all listed here, for visitors or those who want to compare information from different countries.

Organisation Country Language Link
PREP-Ending HIV Australia en
PREP-BePrEPared Belgium native
PREP-BePrEPared Belgium en
PREP-BePrEPared Belgium fr
PREP-PrEPBrasil Brazil native
PREP-Catie Canada en
PREP-Catie Canada fr
PREP-Aides.Org France fr
PREP-AidsHilfe Germany de
PREP-GGD Netherlands native
PREP-Refform Poland native
PREP-Apoyopsitivo Spain es
PREP-I Want PrEP Now United Kingdom en