BLUF Community Standards

Revision 1.0, October 2023

BLUF strives to provide a space where all our members feel welcome, and foster an environment where the club is a leading participant in the broader leather and kink communities.

Accordingly, we are adopting this statement of our Community Standards, as an addendum to the existing Rules for BLUF members.

  • We welcome and encourage those who wish to explore and enjoy their love of leather uniforms.
  • Treat others with respect, both online and in person.
  • Someone’s worth is not determined by the cost or brand of their gear.
  • Like many other clubs, much of what we do is done by volunteers, in their own time and often at their own expense. We should celebrate and encourage volunteering.
  • No means no. If someone turns down a proposition, declines to respond to you, or asks you to stop contacting them, please respect their choice.
  • Always respect the privacy of others. Attending an event, or having a profile on BLUF or on any other site does not necessarily imply anything about someone's sexuality or lifestyle.
  • The use of hate symbols, speech or codes is not acceptable, whether in images, profile text, nicknames or messages, or at BLUF events.

Unacceptable material

While part of the fetish world, we also exist within a broader community and have legal and moral obligations with which we must comply. Our list of unacceptable material is therefore principally guided by the law, and by the advice we have obtained on interpreting the relevant laws of countries in which we operate.

  • Unacceptable material on BLUF includes, but is not limited to, symbols and texts found in the ADL “Hate On Display” database and in the German government publication “Rechtsextremismus: Symbole, Zeichen und verbotene Organisationen.”
  • We specifically do not permit the use of Nazi / SS symbols in images or texts, including coded or obfuscated references to such material.
  • We do not allow the upload, sharing or publication of any material that is illegal under the laws of the UK, Germany or Estonia, or of sexually explicit images, including photos of genitalia.
  • We reserve the right to check text and images you upload against lists of known illegal material and to take appropriate action if infringing material is uploaded.
  • Adding unacceptable material to your profile, sending it to other members in messages, or linking to it from your profile, may result in action being taken, up to and including the termination of membership.

Guidance for our Community Moderators on how to handle unacceptable material includes detailed examples, and can be downloaded from