Contacting BLUF

The main point of contact for BLUF is the webmaster, However, for some things, we have preferred addresses, which help to ensure that the appropriate volunteer can deal with your enquiry as soon as possible.

If you are a member, the best way to request help is via the Contact button on the Help page of the BLUF Menu.

For the Events Calendar please send submissions to Make sure you include all the information we require, as stated here. If you are a member, you can also submit events to the calendar via the button on the calendar page, or by selecting Add event from the Community menu.

Please note that we do not accept membership applications by email. Please use our online application system to apply, or to update your application.

BLUF on Social media

Many of our members are on social media, and often they choose to use BLUF as part of their user name. We are quite happy for them to do so, but please note that, in general, only the social media accounts listed here or on the BLUF Local page are official BLUF accounts, and able to speaking for us. Many of these are operated by volunteers, who will do their best to help answer your questions. However, if you need a definitive answer regarding BLUF policy, you should contact the webmaster, or one of the main BLUF accounts listed on this page.

Main BLUF accounts

Local and regional BLUF accounts

View the list of currently active BLUF Local groups here.

Emails from BLUF

If you receive an official email from BLUF, it will usually come from an address ending These addresses are used principally by volunteers, and by automated systems sending things like notifications. Messages sent from addresses ending are from BLUF Ltd, the company that owns and runs BLUF, and are typically used when we need to officially sign documents or make agreements on behalf of the company.

Other addresses, including those ending in, do not formally represent or BLUF Ltd.

Postal address

BLUF prefers to receive all communications via email. However, if it is essential that you send a letter, please address it to BLUF, PO Box 7248, London E5 8UL, UK. is owned and operated by BLUF Ltd.