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BLUF has members and events in many places around the world. In cities with lots of members, or dedicated teams of volunteers, you'll find BLUF Local. Our Local pages provide news and updates for people who want to know more about the leather scene in a city, and they're available to both members and non-members. If you are a BLUF member, you can join an BLUF Local, so other members can find you easily. To join a local, you need to first join BLUF, which you can do online at join.bluf.com

Like the rest of BLUF, our Locals are run by volunteers. If you'd like to get involved, contact one of the members listed for a city.

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Amsterdam has for many years been one of the principal cities for BLUF events in Europe, and it's where many of BLUF's major milestones have been celebrated, including our 6th and 15th birthdays, the launch of the current BLUF site, and more.
Parties are held regularly, including during Fetish Pride, Gay Pride and Leather Pride.
Current organiser in year 2019 is: Joffry, aka wescobootcop (2252).
The current hosts are: Eric (2456), Maarten (905) Ton ( 500), Michiel (2469) Rene (2669) and Joffry (2252).

BLUF members who like to help the organizing crew or willing to take part in the Amsterdam local board are kindly requested to message Joffry, aka wescobootcop (2252).


BLUF Amsterdam 2019 AGENDA

Check out our new BLUF Amsterdam 2019 Agenda!





Berlin is a key destination for BLUF members, and official events have been organised by many members, since the earliest days of the club. The first event for which we have photos was in Easter 2003, and members can find pictures in the site Magazine section.

As well as informal BLUF gatherings at Easter and during Folsom Europe, we're pleased to work with Leather Social Berlin and Male.Space to bring extra events for members around they year. You can find out more by contacting steelcollar (69) about Leather Social and GermanLTHRcop (420) about Male.Space. All official events are listed on this page. Beware of imitations.

Folsom Europe - a great place to catch up with BLUF members

Folsom Europe - a great place to catch up with BLUF members



Members can get more information from BristolUniform (87) SBerg (12) or click Join to stay in touch.





Information about events for BLUF men in the Chicago area, from Michael, aka chgogearman (307) and elcuero (1864). Regular socials are held at Touche, once a month on the third Saturday, along with events in association with other groups in the Chicago area. BLUF Chicago has its own page on Facebook and a web site.





The Breeches and Leather Uniform Fanclub of DC is brought to you by DC Leather Pride, a non-profit organization that organizes events throughout the year to bring the leather community of the nation's capital together. BLUF:DC events will occur quarterly. DC Leather Pride also organize happy hour invasions and other events. DC Leather Pride recently won with their entry in the annual Scarlet's Bake Sale. For more info, contact Miguel, aka Miguel DC (3352)







Information about London specific events, from Nigel, aka LondonSubNigel (3). Most BLUF London events take place at The Backstreet in Mile End, but many members also regularly attend the London Leather Social and meetings of London Leathermen. We also organise a presence at the London Pride Parade.

BLUF at Pride 2015

BLUF at Pride 2015

Backstreet: the planning inquiry

The planning appeal for redevelopment of Backstreet started, long time followers of the saga may remember, back in January. It was scheduled for five days, then adjourned until 15th May, when two extra days were set aside to finish things up.

I attended on Wednesday 15th May, to speak about the importance of the club; I didn’t stay for the whole of the day - a lot of what was being discussed was of a pretty detailed technical and/or legal nature, and would not make the most riveting reading.

The chair of the meeting kindly let me speak early on in the day. I’ve previously made a number of submissions, one of which can be viewed at this link.

I stressed how important it is that we have spaces, like The Backstreet, where people can wear gear and not feel unusual or the odd person out; how the pressures of rents and wages have made other venues relax their dress code, and the effect that can have, when a place becomes more of a late night drinks venue than a dress code club, with the original patrons feeling left out.

I highlighted the fact that 20 to 30 years ago in London, we had multiple venues catering to the people who now use Backstreet - like The Hoist, The Anvil, The Market Tavern, The Block and The Coleherne, all now gone. The Backstreet is the sole survivor, and if one wants to find a similar place to go, the closest venue that I can think of is The Boots in Antwerp - hardly somewhere for just a night out from London.

While welcoming the idea of reproviding the club in the basement of a new building, I did express concerns, that if redevelopment is to happen, it’s important that the club is not set up to fail.

My piece said, there were a couple of questions from the Chair about proposed restrictions - which I didn’t view as too onerous. And that was it.

Now, we have to wait. The latest information I have is that a decision will be made on or before the 9th of August. As soon as I know more, I’ll obviously provide an update.

A couple of weeks ago, Backstreet celebrated its 34th birthday, and given the notice period to which the developers have committed, it seems almost certain that next year we shall be celebrating its 35th.

Thanks to all who have written over the course of this planning application, at every stage. Whatever the final result, it’s good to know we can come together so strongly. Unity, as the Style Council said, is powerful.



BLUF Manchester events are organised in association with Manchester Leathermen and take place in the Manchester gay village, centred around Canal Street. Manchester Leathermen also organise a number of other leather orientated events. Information from Dave, aka 30holedms (1108) and Nick (608).



The first BLUF event in Minneapolis took place on July 11, 2015, at the EagleBolt Bar. A group of local BLUF members decided to begin organizing ongoing events with the goal to introduce those interested in leather uniforms to BLUF and to provide an opportunity for members to socialize locally.

Minneapolis is a major city in the Upper Midwest region of the United States of America. The leather community is progressive and rich in clubs and groups supportive of fetishes and various sexual expressions. BLUF Minneapolis is part of Minnesota Leather Pride, an organization dedicated to celebrating leather culture and history.

If you live in Minneapolis or you are visiting, reach out to us. We'd love to meet you.

BLUF in Minneapolis is organised by Ivan Nunez aka Sir Ivan (3396)




Welcome to BLUF Montréal

BLUF originated in 1997 out of Montréal as an internet based organization. In recognition of its birthplace, a group of leather men are launching a Montréal Chapter in August 2016. The aim of the Montreal Chapter is to strengthen and grow the local leather scene via the organization of regular meetings and events for BLUF members and the leather community at large in a spirit of cooperation and friendship.

Next gathering, always on fridays : June 14th. Always at Stud Bar, from 8 to 10 PM.

Members can get more information from LanglitzMontreal (3301) or Master TyranT (1632) LeMaestro(3532) or click Join to stay in touch. BLUF Montréal has is own Facebook page at : https://www.facebook.com/groups/645761442248452/

Bienvenue à  BLUF Montréal

BLUF a commencé comme club sur internet en 1997 depuis Montréal. C'est dans le respect de la reconnaissance de l'origine, que plusieurs gars de cuir lancent en août 2016 BLUF Montréal. Le but du chapitre BLUF de Montréal est de valoriser la scène de cuir en organisant régulièrement des rencontres ou événements entre eux dans un esprit de collaboration et d'amitié.

Prochaine rencontre, vendredi le 14 juin. Toujours au Bar Le Stud, de 20 a 22 heures.

Les membres peuvent obtenir de l'information en communiquant avec LanglitzMontreal (3301) ou Master Tyrant (1632) LeMaestro(3532) ou en cliquant "Joindre" pour rester en contact. BLUF Montréal possède sa propre page Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/645761442248452/



Information about Munich specific events, from GermanBootMaster (324). Most BLUF Munich events take place at Underground - hosted by the leather and fetish club MLC Munich.
We also are present at the Munich Pride Parade within the MLC.

Polarwolf (810) has been organizing the BLUF Munich events until late 2018.
As he will be in charge of new projects at the MLC Munich he asked me to take over the BLUF Munich coordination for now.
I would like to thank him for all the great work he did.
Before the next BLUF Munich event will take place (most likely on November 9th, 2019) I would like to take the chance to get in touch with the local members and hear about their experiences in the past. What did you like a lot? What are you missing?
I would like to take this chance to see if we shall continue like in the past or if we shall add some new ideas for this great event.
Please feel free to get in touch with me. Thanks. GermanBootMaster (324)


New York

Are you a BLUF member in New York? If you fancy stepping up and maintaining this page - or even trying to get people out in gear in the city - please contact Nigel, aka LondonSubNigel (3)



In Nordrhein- Westfalen mit seinen zahlreichen Großstädten leben ca. 200 BLUF Mitglieder. Schwerpunkte sind Köln und das Ruhrgebiet.
BLUF Events gibt es regelmässig im Essener Drexx Club (organisiert von Klaus, aka SmartLeather (212)) und in Köln, Station2be, (von cgn-leather (183)). Weitere Aktivitäten, auch in anderen Städten, sind jederzeit willkommen.

NRW (North Rhine- Westfalia) is the most densely populated urban area in Germany, including cities like Cologne, Essen, Düsseldorf, Dortmund, and only a short drive from cities like Amsterdam, Brussels or Antwerp. Around 200 BLUF members are living here. BLUF events are held regularly in Essen, drexx club (organized by Klaus, aka SmartLeather (212)) and Cologne, Station2be (by cgn-leather (183)). Other activities are always welcome.



Suite à  l'initiative de Bearpaname (44), Copboots (1915) et Dark_Leather (264), la communauté française BLUF se donne rendez-vous à  Paris. En 2019, il est prévu de proposer trois temps forts en Mars, Mai et Octobre. Habituellement les apéritifs ont lieu à La Mine, les soirées au Mensch ou Full Metal et les repas au Gai Moulin.
Tout membre souhaitant prendre part à l'animation de la scène BLUF française est le bienvenu ;-)

Further to the initiative of Bearpaname (44), Copboots (1915) and Dark_Leather (264), the French BLUF community makes an appointment in Paris. In 2019, it's planned to propose three highlights in Mars, May and October. Usually, aperitifs take place in La Mine, BLUF parties in Mensch or Full Metal and Dinners in Gai Moulin. Any member wishing to take part in the animation of the French BLUF scene is welcome ;-)


5 ans pour BLUF Paris - Weekend Mai 2019

BLUF Paris fête ses 5 ans du 24 au 26 mai 2019 lors de Paris Fetish !

Au programme :

♦ Buffet Express : Vendredi 24 mai à 20h - Zerestoo (avec plein de surprises!)

♦ Soirée : Vendredi 24 mai à 22h - Full Metal

♦ Apéritif : Samedi 25 mai à 19h - One Way

♦ Cigar Lounge : Samedi 25 mai à 21h - One Way

♦ Brunch : Dimanche 26 mai à 12h30 - Who's

► Tous les détails des rendez-vous sont à retrouver ici >> https://bluf.com/e/2882
La Team BLUF Paris : Bearpaname (44), Dark_Leather (264), Bear_Lolo_Leather (548), Pierre, aka French_leather (1302) et AndrewGreyLeather (1760).


San Francisco

BLUF events in San Francisco are organised by SFverskink (3593), MissionMan (2071) and Larry Kenney aka HotBootsSF (26), and include an annual dinner before the Up Your Alley Street Fair in July, our biggest event of the year.

And don't miss our monthly geared-up BLUF SF Leather Lounge nights, every second Saturday, 9pm-2am at the San Francisco Eagle Bar.

Keep up to date at facebook.com/groups/BLUFsf/, and explore our photo archives at blufsf.com as well.



BLUF SF First Annual Dim Sum Lunch, 2018

BLUF SF First Annual Dim Sum Lunch, 2018



The Assembly Dress Code Event is Friday 23rd March [Tickets](https://lalptickets.com/)
In Southern California, BLUF is most active in Los Angeles, where Robert, aka Motorboot (834) hosts a monthly gathering at Eagle LA on the second Friday of every month. Other events take place in San Diego and Palm Springs, particularly during and around the Desert Leather Pride event.
LA Leather Pride is in March every year, which include The Assembly Dress Code Event hosted by California B&B Corps, The Regiment of the Black and Tans, and BLUF LA.

BLUF LA at Eagle LA

BLUF LA at Eagle LA



About us
Members of BLUF Stockholm, with curious friends, meet regularly to socialize.
We meet for dinner before we continue to “Club Berlin” at SLM Stockholm approximately 5-6 times per year. This normally takes place on a Saturday in odd months.
We also meet for dinner before Scandinavia’s biggest fetish event “Baltic Battle” in October.
We also try to arrange BLUF Social 3-4 times per year, normally a Friday in March, August and October, in cooperation with SLM Stockholm.
To attend SLM Stockholm events, see “Important information” below.

On the agenda
BLUF Social on Friday October 19 between 8 pm and 10 pm at SLM Stockholm. The club then opens at 10 PM. This is a great way to start the Baltic Battle weekend in Stockholm. Take the chance to meet locals and visitors in a relaxed atmosphere with very reasonable prices in the bar.

BLUF Dinner on Saturday October 20 at 8:30 pm at a restaurant in central Stockholm. We get a good meal with old and new friends before we continue at the oldest and largest fetish party in Scandinavia, the 41st Baltic Battle. (Tickets to the party are available at the Baltic Battle web page.)

Important information about SLM Stockholm events
For SLM Stockholm events you need either a full year membership card for a SLM, Top of Europe or ECMC club or BLUF. The valid membership-card must be presented at the entrance upon arrival.

You can also sign up for a temporary membership (1 month) for 150 SEK at the SLM Stockholm webpage, but not later than 6 pm on the same day. See the webpage for more info. See below.

Useful addresses
SLM Stockholm – www.slmstockholm.se
Baltic Battle – www.balticbattle.se
Facebook – www.facebook.com/BLUFStockholm
Email - BLUFSthlm@gmail.com

For more info, you can also contact the local BLUF-members:
Navygaytor (2711), Jippe (3444), Kristofer, aka Nordic Wolf (897)



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