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BLUF Manchester at Manchester Pride

Manchester : 26 Aug 2019

BLUF Manchester had its first outing at Manchester Pride Parade this year. A great time was had with the Manchester Leathermen Thanks to all who came along and supported us.


BLUF Paris : Calendrier évènements 2020

Paris : 14 Aug 2019


♦ Weekend du Printemps : 7 au 9 février 2020.
♦ Weekend Paris Fetish : 29 au 31 mai 2020.
♦ Weekend d'Automne : 9 au 11 octobre 2020.

>> Découvrez début janvier 2020 le programme complet !
La Team BLUF Paris : @44@, @264@, @548@ et @1302@.


Got some pics??

Frankfurt : 05 Aug 2019

Have you got nice pictures from our BLUF Meeting? Would you like to share with us in our BLUF Magazine? You can submit your picture by clicking this link:


Your Privacy is important to us, therefore please let us know whether your Pictures can be publicly posted or only be shown in BLUF Magazine which can be seen only by BLUF Members.


3rd Anniversary of BLUF Montréal - 3ième anniversaire de BLUF Montréal

Montreal : 05 Aug 2019

It is this Friday, August 9th, the 3rd anniversary of BLUF Montréal, at the bar Le Stud, from 10pm to midnight. What better way to start the 11 days of Pride Montréal Celebrations.


Backstreeet: Appeal dismissed

London : 09 Aug 2019

The decision in the planning appeal regarding redevelopment of The Backstreet has been published today (Friday 9th August). The developers appealed against the council's decision not to grant planning permission.

Appeal dismissed

So, the council’s decision has been upheld and the redevelopment of The Backstreet, and the rest of the site, will not be permitted to go ahead. Theoretically, it is possible that the developers could ask for a judicial


Weekend BLUF Paris - Octobre 2019

Paris : 14 Aug 2019

Ne ratez pas ce nouveau week-end BLUF Paris du 11 au 13 octobre 2019 !

Au programme :
♦ Diner - 11 octobre à 21h30.
♦ Apéritif - 12 octobre à 19h.
♦ Soirée - 12 octobre à 23h.
♦ Brunch - 13 octobre à 12h.

► Tous les détails des rendez-vous sont à retrouver ici >> https://bluf.com/e/2888
La Team BLUF Paris : @44@, @264@, @548@ et @1302@.


Guardian article on the Backstreet

London : 16 Aug 2019

Guardian journalist Rupert Neate has written an article about the Backstreet planning application: London council saves gay fetish club from redevelopment.


Book now your Leather Dinner for Leatherpride Amsterdam 2019!

Amsterdam : 02 Sep 2019

Book now your seat for the Amsterdam Leatherpride Dinner at Saturday October 26, hosted by BLUF & LFN. Boek nu je plaats voor het Leather Dinner tijdens Leatherpride Amsterdam 2019, zaterdag 26 oktober.

Join our Leatherpride 2019 BLUF LFN dinner, hosted by BLUF Amsterdam at the refined Dutch cuisine restaurant Haesje Claes in Amsterdam centre on Saturday 26 October 6.30 PM By reservation only! Please mail: leatherdinner@gmail.com

Geniet mee van het BLUF LFN


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