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Why join BLUF?

BLUF is one of the most well known leather clubs in the world. For many people, even if they don't quite know we're a club you can join, the word BLUF is shorthand for full leather. The club is an association for lovers of leather uniform, and all you have to do to join is meet the requirements of our dresscode, and be at least eighteen years old. Membership is entirely free, and gives you access to our online community, via this website and our BLUF Navigator app for iPhone and Android.

We're much more than just a club on the internet, though. For many of our members, the most important thing about BLUF is not the connections they make online, but the BLUF events that take place around the world. In recent years, we've held over 150 events a year, with members getting together for bar and club nights, meals, Pride parades, cultural events and more. We've held events in North and South America, Europe, and Australia, and you can find BLUF members in over fifty countries around the world. Events are organised by BLUF members themselves, volunteering their time to help get people together, and wherever possible, there's no entry charge.

There's a wide range of BLUF members, with ages ranging from early twenties to seventies. We have members from many different backgrounds and cultures, with interests in different types of leather uniform - it's not just people in Langlitz and VK79, great though those outfits are. You really can meet our dresscode and qualify to join BLUF without breaking the bank - even with secondhand gear. Want to know more? Here are some of our members:

Meet our members

Ephraim Edward Laurent Fabio Gerry Finn Wayne David Connor Jeff Denis Brett Javier Izzat Douglas Luis Jay Jeroen Derek Stephane Nik

Ephraim, 51, Berlin

“When I joined BLUF, the look and the smell of leather was deeply engraved into my brain. In my younger years it only needed a guy in a tight leather uniform in my sight and my full body went into attention. The only thing I wanted was touch it, feel it, serve it and finally wear it myself. Then BLUF gave me the possibility to do exactly this: Stay in touch with like minded men and meet them where ever they came from. A worldwide community, supportive, friendly and strong in the same time. I LOVE it!”

Boots ‚Wesco’, breeches ‚Langlitz’, shirt ‚R&Co’ Berlin, tie ‚Leathers‘ Berlin, gauntlet gloves ‚LeatherManiacs‘, steelcollar ‚Parus‘ Munich, chastity device ‚steelwerksextreme‘ Montreal


100% free

One of the most important things about the club is that it's free, and we really do mean that. On the website and apps, everyone gets the same service. There are no limits on things like pictures, profile views or messages, based on whether or not you have paid. Instead, we aim to make BLUF good enough that our members want to support us, by making donations or buying merchandise. And in return for donations, you get rewards from some companies that are keen to support the leather community.

A BLUF Card is our reward for members that support the club by making donations. If you make a one-off donation of over £10 or the equivalent, then you are entitled to the BLUF White card.

Members who sign up to make regular donations to the club receive the BLUF Black card, which is sent in the post, along with a complimentary key tag.

Want to sign up?

To sign up, you'll need some photos of yourself in gear that meets our dresscode, and at least one of them needs to show your face. You'll also need another photo of your face, holding up a piece of paper with a number on it, which you'll receive after you apply - this helps us to make sure that the people who join BLUF are genuine, and not just using photos they found on the internet. So, check the dresscode, and get some great pictures - we have a list of photographers if you need help - and then go to our online application and start by entering your email address. We'll send you full instructions including the code you'll need for your photo.

BLUF Card offers

The table below shows the offers available to BLUF Card holders. There are also some offers available to all BLUF members, whether or not they have donated. You can find those, plus full details of all these offers, on the Member Offers page. Please check the details, as some items may be excluded, and vendors reserve the right to change their offers from time to time.

Vendor City White card Black card
Spexter Munich 10% 10%
Fetish Freak London 10% 10%
Regulation London 10% 10%
RoB Paris Paris 10% 10%
Mister B Amsterdam 5% 10%
Mister B Berlin 5% 10%
Boxer 5% 5%
Montera Leathers Barcelona 5% 5%
Clone Zone 15% 17.5%
Embossy Boots 10% 15%
Thickwall Cylinders 10% 10%
SM Apartments Berlin 10% 10%
Play Room Apartment Berlin +1 night, €75 +1 night, free
Haus Mein Gott 15% 15%
FStop74 Pittsburgh 10% 20%
English Leathermaster Coaching 5% 1 hour free
D81 Photos 10% 20%
Cuts and Curls Hairstyling Amsterdam 10% 10%
De Bruin & Stacey Venlo 10% 10%

The cards

The BLUF Black card has a barcode on the back that can be scanned to check it's valid, or to share your contact details quickly with other people.

BLUF Black card

The BLUF White card is a virtual card, and can be displayed in our apps, or downloaded as a PDF to print at home.

BLUF White card