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Amsterdam has for many years been one of the principal cities for BLUF events in Europe, and it's where many of BLUF's major milestones have been celebrated, including our 6th and 15th birthdays, the launch of the current BLUF site, and more.

Parties are held regularly, including during Fetish Pride, Gay Pride and Leather Pride.

Current organiser in year 2019/2020 is: Joffry, aka wescobootcop (2252).

The current hosts are: Eric (2456), Maarten (905) Ton ( 500), Michiel (2469) Rene (2669) Patrick (3083) and Joffry (2252).

BLUF members who like to help the organizing crew or willing to take part in the Amsterdam local board are kindly requested to message Joffry, aka wescobootcop (2252).

See our new Events Agenda 2020


Check back soon for event details

Check back soon for event details


BLUF at Pride Walk Amsterdam

Saturday 07 Aug, 12:00

Assembling 1130 at the biq square in front of the RAI Convention Centre. You will recognize the BLUF group by the BLUF Amsterdam flags and pride & leatherflags.
Please bring your own pride flags if you want to 🙂
Bring also some water ertc. with you as it may be more warm that weekend and its quite a walk.

Start walk 1200 which will lead to the Palace at the Dam square, end of walk

Assemble 1130 in the square outsite RAI, Amsterdam

BLUF Social Pride Edition

Sunday 08 Aug, 17:00

Join BLUF members for a Pride-weekend social at The Web.

More info: Joffry, aka wescobootcop (2252)

The Web, Sint Jacobsstraat 6, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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BLUF Amsterdam ; preparing to be back on track ! Binnenkort weer terug!

BLUF Amsterdam will be back soon!
We are currently exploring the possibilities to organize the BLUF Socials again. All is depending on how the battle on Covid19 will go. Your help is needed too.
To stay safe, following the Covid19 safety rules when needed, to get your Covid19 vaccination and to attend the socials again :-)
We are looking forward to see you again!

BLUF Amsterdam is binnenkort weer terug!
Momenteel zijn we de mogelijkheden aan het verkennen om onze BLUF Social weer te gaan houden. Dit alles hangt af van de ontwikkelingen rond de strijd tegen het Coronavirus. En je kunt daarbij helpen. Door de Coronamaatregelen te volgen, zoals afstand houden, je laten vaccineren en om de sociale weer te gaan bezoeken. We zien er naar uit om je te ontmoeten!

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Sunday 02 May, Joffry, aka wescobootcop (2252).


In Memoriam: Paul Lodder Blufmember 1373

14 Dec 2020

Paul was a BLUF member (1373) for years and he regularly visited the BLUF Amsterdam Meetings & Socials. He wore his leather uniform with pride and pleasure. Last Friday we were informed by a good friend of him that Paul died unexpectedly and at relatively young age. With regret we have to announce his passing.
We wish his family, friends and others strength and courage.
Board & Hosts BLUF Amsterdam



BLUF Amsterdam 2020 Agenda

04 Nov 2019

Hey guys, the new BLUF Amsterdam 2020 Agenda is out!


Book now your Leather Dinner for Leatherpride Amsterdam 2019!

02 Sep 2019

Book now your seat for the Amsterdam Leatherpride Dinner at Saturday October 26, hosted by BLUF & LFN.
Boek nu je plaats voor het Leather Dinner tijdens Leatherpride Amsterdam 2019, zaterdag 26 oktober.

Join our Leatherpride 2019 BLUF LFN dinner, hosted by BLUF Amsterdam at the refined Dutch cuisine restaurant Haesje Claes in Amsterdam centre
on Saturday 26 October 6.30 PM By reservation only! Please mail:

Geniet mee


BLUF Amsterdam 2019 AGENDA

19 Oct 2018

Check out our new BLUF Amsterdam 2019 Agenda!


BLUF Blog: Amsterdam

Launch of LFN at BLUF New years Drink - Start LFN bij BLUF Nieuwjaarborrel 7-1-2018

Launching LFN at BLUF New Year Drink - Start LFN bij BLUF Nieuwjaarborrel
Sunday January 7 17:00 at The Web - Zondag 7 januari in de Web om 17:00 uur

Dear leatherguys, LFN is a new overall leather organisation which will be launched at the BLUF Amsterdam New Year Drink

Published 29 Dec 2017 • More

Merry Christmas!

BLUF Amsterdam wenst alle leden fijne kerstdagen!
BLUF Amsterdam wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Published 24 Dec 2017 • More

Changes in BLUF Amsterdam board - Nieuw bestuur BLUF Amsterdam

BLUF Amsterdam wants to thank Charles, Ard and Dave for all the energy, time and effort they put in leading BLUF Amsterdam to what it is now.
More than 10 years you guys led BLUF Amsterdam and organised parties & meetings for leatherguys from the Netherlands and visitors from abroad

Published 01 Jan 2017 • More