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Information about Munich specific events, from Polarwolf (810). Most BLUF Munich events take place at Underground - hosted by the leather and fetish club MLC. BLUF Munich has its ownpage on Facebook.
We also are presence at the Munich Pride Parade within the MLC.

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BLUF Munich Leather Dinner

Saturday 18 Mar, 18:00

During the second famous beer festival in Munich, the "Starkbierfest" BLUF MUNICH meets up for a leather dinner before moving on to the leather & fetish party at Underground later the same evening. If you want to want to join for the dinner, please make you reservation via More information: Polarwolf (810)

Die Küche im Kraftwerk, Drygalski-Allee 25, 81477 München, Germany

Löwennacht (Lion's Night)

Saturday 18 Mar, 20:00

Be part of the great crowd of BLUF, leather and fetish men at the Löwennacht (Lions Night) at the Underground - the party location of the MLC Munich. Tickets for this great event can be ordered at There you will also find other information for the Starkbierfest (the second traditional beer festival). Additional information: The tickets for the other parties during STARKBIERFEST are available at Simply go the site to purchase your tickets to the amazing parties hosted by the MLC - including the election of the Bavarian Mister Leather 2017. See you there! More info: Polarwolf (810)

UnderGround, Machtlfinger Strasse 29, Munich, Germany

BLUF Munich

Saturday 21 Oct, 21:00

After the great success of the first BLUF gathering and the initiation of BLUF MUNICH we are happy to announce that there will be a next BLUF PARTY WITH DINNER on Ocotber 21st 2017. The party will take place at Undergound, Machtlfinger Strasse 29, Munich. Doors open at 9pm. Please register on the MLC website beforehand. See separate entry for details of the dinner More info: Polarwolf (810)

UnderGround, Machtlfinger Strasse 29, Munich, Germany

BLUF Munich Dinner

Saturday 21 Oct, 18:30

Before the second BLUF Munich party at Underground, join other men for a dinner at Küche im Kraftwek. More info: Polarwolf (810)

Küche im Kraftwerk, Drygalskialee 25, Munich, Germany

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