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Welcome to BLUF's blog. Here you'll find selection articles that we hope will be of interest to the wider community, not just BLUF members.

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A small change to the language in our dresscode, 06 August 2021

Staying safe online, 24 May 2021

Classic Meets Fetish Berlin 2021 – Musicians Wanted, 03 April 2021

It's HIV Test Week in the UK, 01 February 2021

A creative start to 2021, 03 January 2021

BLUF merchandise: a note on Brexit, 15 December 2020

Diversity and representation in BLUF, 16 November 2020

Community cards - a new service from BLUF, 18 October 2020

Black & White: an update on BLUF cards, 26 September 2020

Introducing the Greek Leather Community, 03 September 2020

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BLUF merchandise: a note on Brexit

At the end of 2020, the United Kingdom - where BLUF Ltd is based - will no longer benefit from the transitional arrangements following its exit from the European Union. This blog is an attempt to explain what we believe will happen with regard to the various BLUF merchandise that … 15 Dec 2020

Black & White: an update on BLUF cards

Since 2013, the BLUF Card has been our reward for members who donate to the club. In return for donating, members can either download a card to print at home, or display it on-screen in our app. A range of vendors, to whom we are extremely grateful, offer discounts to … 26 Sep 2020

BLUF's 2020 Vision

We've been making plans. BLUF will turn 25 this decade, and I'm sure all members would love to see it carry on for as long as possible. And that means that it needs to generate enough money to cover its costs in the long term. I hope that 2020 will … 19 Jan 2020

Ten years and counting

Today, 16th June, marks ten years since BLUF's founder Leon entrusted me with the running of the organisation. And what a decade it's been - we've had not just one, but two completely new web sites, and we've launched apps for iPhone and Android. BLUF isn't just about the technology … 16 Jun 2019

Funding the future

Last year, in response to some legal issues, we ran a number of fundraisers, and I’m tremendously thankful to all who supported them and helped ensure that we could keep the club running. Now that is behind us, I’d like to talk openly about the costs involved in keeping the … 05 Apr 2019

Support Rainbow Railroad with the new Wilderdrop EP

Earlier this year, we heard awful news from Chechnya where a hardline government was cracking down on gay men. Some were rounded up and tortured; there have been reports of others being killed, and of men detained for weeks in concentration camps. Many of us take it for granted that … 30 Nov 2017

B Proud - and help LGBT people in danger

Pride season is upon us, and in many cities around the world, BLUF members and other leather people will be marching, showing that we're not afraid to live our lives the way we want. In some countries, that's not the case - and in particular, events in Chechnya have been … 06 Jun 2017

Bestandsaufnahme und Zukunftspläne

Der 16. Juni 2009 war für mich ein wichtiges Datum. Es war der Tag, an dem Leon, der Gründer von BLUF, mich gebeten hatte, BLUF zu übernehmen, damit er nach zwölf Jahren zurücktreten konnte. Ich hoffe, es ist nicht zu unbescheiden zu sagen, dass ich ziemlich stolz auf das bin … 10 Jul 2014

BLUF's new membership card

The BLUF site now includes a new option, "BLUF Card", for members who are logged in to their accounts. This allows you to download a BLUF membership card, in PDF format. We've done this so that, for the first time, BLUF members have a way to prove that they are … 01 Aug 2013


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