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Submitted by Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3), 16 June 2019



Today, 16th June, marks ten years since BLUF's founder Leon entrusted me with the running of the organisation.

And what a decade it's been - we've had not just one, but two completely new web sites, and we've launched apps for iPhone and Android.

BLUF isn't just about the technology, of course - it's about all of you, and it looks likely that sometime this year we will pass the 4000 member mark.

Volunteers are hosting BLUF events in more cities than ever before, and in each of the last three years, we've had over 150 events. By any measure, that would be impressive, but for a non-profit club where events are arranged by volunteers, that's amazing.

So, thanks to all the people who are giving up their time to help BLUF grow and bring people together around the world.

For myself, this has been a lot of fun, and also challenge in many ways as well. As a growing club, I've had to deal with legal issues, make policies that can be applied consistently, write guidelines for people planning events, and much more. Over the years, supporting BLUF has become almost a full time job, and eats up much more of my savings than it should.

In just three years, BLUF will turn 25, and I will have run it for about the same length of time as Leon.

By then, and with your help, I hope that we can make sure we are on a more sound financial footing, and not reliant upon my savings and a relatively small number of regular donors to keep the site going.

I also hope that in the next three years, more people from the next generation will step up, ready to take the reins and lead BLUF into its second quarter century.

To all those who have helped us get this far, my heartfelt thanks. And to those who want to follow, I look forward to welcoming you. To the rest, please donate, so we can carry on our work.

And thank you all for an amazing ten years,


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