Twin Cities Leather Weekend 2023


Submitted by Ivan - 3396, 01 November 2023



November 3rd thru 5th, the leather community of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul will gather to celebrate TCL weekend. This annual event focuses on the contest to select the next TCL title holder. The event brings visitors from around the USA, particularly from the Midwest region. Activities include "Flogapalooza" on Friday, an evening of flogging demos. Also on Friday, The Saloon bar features The Tank, a gear enforced night open to all genders with a semi-dark backroom. Saturday during the day focuses on workshops and demos followed by the TCL contest in the evening. Finally, the weekend ends with a lunch on Sunday and the popular "shower contest" also at The Saloon in the evening, an opportunity for anyone interested in dropping their trousers and showing their dance moves in a plexiglass shower enclosure usually reserved for the bar's go-go dancers.

Twin Cities Leather is a leather retailer/design studio in Minneapolis and St Paul. Weekend events will take place at The Saloon 830 HENNEPIN AVE

To learn more about the weekend, visit: