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BLUF statement regarding Touché

The following statement has been issued by BLUF, following discussions between HQ in London, and our volunteer team in Chicago: We noted with concern the events that happened at Touché's recent anniversary earlier this month, and the initial response of the bar management. We had initially intended to make a … 17 Nov 2022

Classic Meets Fetish Berlin 2021 – Musicians Wanted

Are you a professional musician? Would you like to perform in your fetish gear to a large audience whilst also supporting other gay men in the process? Then we’d like to hear from you! CLASSIC MEETS FETISH is a classical music fetish event that takes place every year at Folsom … 03 Apr 2021

Virtual Meetings on BLUF

Some basic support for virtual meetings has been added to BLUF, since it looks like this will be the main way for many of us to get together, at least in the short term. There are various levels of support for virtual meetings on BLUF. Firstly, virtual meetings now have … 10 May 2020

BLUF event cancellations

••Update: 15th April 2020** In light of the drastic action being taken in many countries around the world fight the corona virus pandemic, especially in Europe, I have decided that all our official events between now and the end of May will be cancelled. BLUF events are organised by volunteers … 15 Mar 2020

BLUF events and coronavirus/COVID-19

This blog post is based on information circulated today (10th March) to BLUF event organisers, all of whom work on a voluntary basis Obviously, different governments around the world are responding in their own ways to the new coronavirus. I thought I'd best update everyone with what I think is … 10 Mar 2020

London Fetish Men

By Buster, Mr Leather UK 2019 Given that I regularly hear the old complaint "London gets all the good stuff, why doesn’t anyone run events where I live?" (The answer to which, of course, is "start one yourself") I’d almost started to believe that London was some kind of … 01 Dec 2019

BLUF Backstage: Deadlines for the event calendar

At BLUF we're always happy to list relevant community events in our calendar, and to promote them on our various social media channels, as we believe it's a great way to use our name to help promote some of the wonderful events organised by other people. In another blog post … 29 Jul 2019

More London Pride photos

These photos were taken by Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3) before the march, as members of BLUF and London Leathermen gathered at One Marylebone. … 08 Jul 2019

BLUF & LLM in the London Pride Parade 2019

These photos, showing the BLUF & London Leathermen group in the London Pride Parade 2019 were taken by member Longshot (2710) … 07 Jul 2019


The annual MOREPIXX? competition is back. Although this is first and foremost a prize competition for the best gay fetish photographs of the year, it is also a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, learn tricks, as well as to offer inspiration and encouragement to photographers, whether professional or amateur. More … 02 Nov 2018

BLUF in Berlin: an amicable agreement has been reached.

We are delighted to announce that an agreement has been reached regarding the “BLUF Berlin” brand. Stig Berntsen (LthrMannBln 1261), our former member of many years standing, has transferred his brand to BLUF Ltd as a peacemaking gesture and to protect the scene. This means that BLUF Ltd will … 29 Aug 2018

BLUF in Berlin - update 2

Last week, we reported that the holder of the BLUF Berlin trademark had applied for an injunction to prevent one of our volunteers in Berlin from organising events using the BLUF name. Rather than immediately grant the injunction, the court gave each side a week to respond to the submissions … 02 Aug 2018

BLUF in Berlin - an update

In April, we issued a statement regarding a dispute about the use of the name BLUF Berlin. We are now in a position to give an update. On 22nd June Olaf Hartmannsgruber, our volunteer organiser in Berlin, received a legal letter requesting that he cease organising events in Berlin using … 27 Jul 2018

BLUF in Berlin - an official statement

BLUF events around the world have been organised by volunteers ever since the club was founded in 1997. In Berlin many different members have organised events over the years - since at least 2003 - including social meet-ups, dinners, and gatherings during large events such as Folsom Europe and BLF's … 04 Apr 2018

Welcome to BLUF's new Calendar Editor

The BLUF Calendar is one of the most important parts of the website, helping members and non-members alike to find events near them, and helping other groups to publicise the events that they organise. Keeping it up to date is a big job - as well as events to add … 27 Feb 2018

Merry Christmas!

BLUF Amsterdam wenst alle leden fijne kerstdagen! BLUF Amsterdam wishes you a Merry Christmas! … 24 Dec 2017

Help wanted

In the eight and a half years since I took over running BLUF, the size of the club has grown, and with it the scope of what we're doing. Our calendar, for example, now lists events from many other organisations around the world, rather than just BLUF events, with a … 01 Dec 2017

London Pride Photos, 2017 - gallery 4

The photos in this gallery were taken by Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3) during the London Pride Parade 2017. Principally of BLUF and London Leathermen, it also includes a few other general shots of Pride. Click the photo to launch the gallery, and click the link below a photo to view it on Flickr … 14 Jul 2017

London Pride Photos, 2017 - gallery 2

Thanks to Longshot (2710) for this collection of photos of the BLUF/LLM group in the London Pride Parade … 10 Jul 2017

London Pride Photos, 2017 - gallery 3

The photos in the gallery on this page were taken by a variety of people during the 2017 London Pride Parade, and show the BLUF / London Leathermen group. To view full details of each photo on Flickr, click the link below each picture. … 10 Jul 2017

BLUF Montreal launch photos

BLUF (Breeches and Leather Uniform Fanclub) returns to its 1997 birthplace, Montréal. Founder, Dutch Leon Jacobs desire was to create a virtual meeting place to alleviate isolation, foster communication, and promote sharing for those in the breeches and leather uniform fetish community. is the result his desire and … 23 Aug 2016

BLUF Montreal Pride photos

The Montreal chapter’s second event was participation in Montreal’s Sunday August 14th, 2016 Pride Parade that drew 300,000 spectators. The BLUF Montreal contingent won over the crowds and was warmly embraced by the cheering onlookers all along the route. … 23 Aug 2016

BLUF posters, 2014

Continuing our collections of BLUF posters, this gallery includes those featuring the BLUF logo for events held in 2014. … 30 Jul 2016

BLUF posters, 2013

This gallery showcases posters with the BLUF logo for events in 2013. … 30 Jul 2016

BLUF posters, 2015

Since its introduction in 2011, BLUF's logo has appeared on many posters, both for our own events and for events that we're supporting in some way. This gallery includes almost sixty such posters, from 2015, in no particular order. … 29 Jul 2016

More London Pride Photos

Longshot (2710) has kindly submitted more photos of the BLUF / London Leathermen group from this year's Pride Parade. Click on a photo to view it on Flickr. … 29 Jun 2016

BLUF and London Leathermen at London Pride

Once again this year, BLUF took part in the London Pride Parade, and we formed a joint group with London Leathermen (formerly MSC London). With around 80 people taking part, we think this is the biggest ever leather turnout for the parade. Thanks very much to Paul Turner of LLM … 27 Jun 2016

Calling occupants

"In your mind, you have capacities you know, to telepath messages through the vast unknown." Of course, these day rather than telepathy, we tend to use Twitter and other internet services to reach out, and in 2016 BLUF is reaching out even more than before, with our first official … 31 Dec 2015

Back to the Backstreet, renewing a pledge

You don't know what you've got till it's gone, sang Joni Mitchell and sadly that's all too often been the case with leather bars, which is one of the reasons we started the BLUF 12x12 pledge back at the beginning of 2012. It's not just leather bars, of course - … 20 Dec 2015

BLUF in the London Pride Parade

On Saturday 27th June, London had its biggest ever Pride parade, and as in recent years, we had an official BLUF walking group. It was our biggest turnout for the march so far, with thirty people making up our group, please the BLUF and leather flags. We enjoyed a great … 30 Jun 2015

Photos from London Pride 2015

View image | The images in the photo gallery below are public photos from Flickr that show the BLUF group on the London Pride Parade. If you find more photos of us, please send an email to pride @ Click on a photo to view it … 29 Jun 2015

BLUF Backstage: The BLUF events calendar, and how to get listed

A few years ago, the BLUF calendar was something that was only available to members, and was principally a listing of BLUF events and very few other things. Over recent years it's grown, and now contains over 400 events, of which BLUF organises, supports or sponsors around around two thirds … 22 Jun 2015

This year, gear up and make a difference

At the start of 2012, I launched the BLUF 12x12 pledge. It's a simple idea - at BLUF, we just want people to try and make the effort to get out and support their local leather bars, at least once a month. It's important - and especially important I … 03 Jan 2015

Photo highlights from London Pride 2014

The photos below are the highlights from over 100 that I shot on the London Pride march in 2014, and show members of BLUF and MSC London in our joint walking group. Click on a photo to view it on Flickr, where you'll also find all the other photos I … 13 Aug 2014

BLUF in Chicago Pride 2014

BLUFChicago marched in Chicago's 45th annual Pride Parade. More than one million spectators attended. BLUFChicago marchó en 45o desfile anual del orgullo de Chicago. Más de un millón de espectadores asistieron. BLUFChicago marchait en 45e annuel défilé de la fierté de Chicago. Plus d'un million de spectateurs ont assisté. BLUFChicago … 04 Jul 2014

London Pride March photos - set 2

More photos from the London Pride Parade, taken by leather bln (1879) … 02 Jul 2014

London Pride March photos - set 1

Thanks to Longshot (2710) for this set of photos showing the BLUF and MSC group in the London Pride Parade. … 01 Jul 2014

Flickr photos from London Pride

This Flickr gallery shows photos from the BLUF and MSC marching group in the London Pride parade; click on a photo to view it on Flickr. … 01 Jul 2014

More Flickr photos from London Pride

This Flickr gallery shows photos from the BLUF and MSC marching group in the London Pride parade; click on a photo to view it on Flickr. … 01 Jul 2014

London Leather Social

Although not a BLUF event, the London Leather Social is well attended by BLUF guys, along with a good selection of men into all the different sorts of leather. It's a friendly event which takes place in the upstairs bar at Comptons on the first Sunday of every month - … 06 May 2014

BLUF's first ever advert

If you're heading to CLAW this year, check out the Yearbook, for two firsts from BLUF. The first of those is the uniform party, which is an official BLUF event for the first time at CLAW. The second is our very first advert, which you can also see below. BLUF … 02 Apr 2014

Get the BLUF Calendar

The BLUF Calendar has grown over recent years, and as well as containing details of BLUF's own events - now 60-70 a year, around the world - it has information about around 150 others, and that number seems to be growing. We've already made our calendar feed available publicly at … 21 Mar 2014

Community Matters

Last weekend in Bristol, we had another great BLUF party. The same weekend there were also BLUF events in Chicago and San Francisco, and the weekend before saw events in London, LA, and Chicago (again! It must be something in the water). This coming weekend, BLUF events are being held … 22 Oct 2013

BLUF at Manchester Pride

The photos in the gallery below are from BLUF Northwest during Manchester Pride 2013. Click a photo to view on Flickr. … 10 Sep 2013

More Pride Parade Photos

These photos were taken during the Pride Parade by Steve, aka Licence2Thrill (2663) Click an image to view it on Flickr … 13 Jul 2013

BLUF photos from London Pride 2013

2013 marked the second year that BLUF was registered as an official participant on the London Pride Parade. We were joined in our walking group by members of MSC London as well, and had a total of around thirty people present on the day. The photos here were taken by … 09 Jul 2013

Photos from London Pride

Around 30 people took part in the Pride March for BLUF and MSC London. The photos on this page were submitted to us by FllLthr (1386) … 05 Jul 2013

BLUF in the London Pride Parade

BLUF is once again taking place in the London Pride parade, which this year is on Saturday 29th of June 2013. We'll be marching towards the front of the parade, hopefully with a fair few people in full leather gear. If you're into leather, and you'd like to join us … 29 May 2013

BLUF logo posters, 2012

BLUF's current logo was introduced at the start of 2011, and has slowly been being adopted by the organisers of offical BLUF events since then. This gallery features the sixteen posters for BLUF events during 2012 that featured the logo. … 23 Jan 2013

Folsom Europe photos

A small selection of black and white photos from the Folsom Europe streetfair, taken by the BLUF webmaster … 13 Sep 2012

Folsom Europe photos (2)

More photos from Folsom Europe 2012, taken by Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3) on Saturday 8th September. These were shot on colour slide film, then scanned. … 13 Sep 2012

More photos from London's World Pride March

Here are some more photos from the BLUF group marching in London's World Pride Parade, July 7th 2012. These photos have been kindly contributed from a number of sources. The first four were kindly sent to us by Polari Magazine, followed by three from Recon user 'Evilgrin' The next six … 01 Aug 2012

Rose Zaterdag 2012

These pics are from Roze Zaterdag (Pink Saturday) on July 7th. It's like the Dutch version of national Pride. Every year since 1978 another town is gay capital ('roze stad') of the Netherlands for the whole year ( and unfortunately only in Dutch). … 01 Aug 2012

BLUF in the World Pride March - photos

For World Pride 2012 in London, and since BLUF will be fifteen this year, we arranged a marching group in the parade. These photos, taken by Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3), show the group - which numbered around 25 by the time we finished - plus some of the other sights from the march … 11 Jul 2012

BLUF in the World Pride March - public photos

This collection of photos is from various users on Flickr who took photos of BLUF members as we passed by in the parade on 7th July. In spite of the weather and the change to the start time, we had around 25 people marching with us by the end of … 09 Jul 2012

BLUF in the World Pride march, 2012

BLUF is a registered group in the World Pride march on 7th July 2012, and we welcome those who want to come and join us with the BLUF and leather flags, whether you're in gear or not. The start time for the march has been rescheduled, and it now moves … 03 Jul 2012

Easter 2012 in Bristol

As an alternative to Berlin for Easter, new kid on the block Bristol (England) sees a weekend of Easter events for BLUF and leathermen alike. BLUF's local group in Bristol will be out in force to welcome newcomers and regulars alike. Two new venues open this Easter weekend. On Good … 03 Apr 2012

BLUF events calendar now available to everyone

I wrote in December about our 12x12 Pledge, to encourage people to go out and visit their leather bars more, and I'm pleased that that's been taken up by many people, including some venues who've been using the logo we created on their publicity. We've now also made a small … 27 Feb 2012

Keep the leather scene alive - sign up to our 12x12 pledge

One of the most important things that BLUF does every year is to organise meetings around the world; these are arranged by volunteers, and take place in the UK, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, the United States, and many other countries. At many of these, attendance is excellent – at … 26 Dec 2011

A gallery of leather event posters

This collection of posters and flyers from events that we've advertised on the BLUF website is by no means complete - the bulk of the collection is from 2011, with a few from 2010. However, we do think it's worth keeping a record of these, so that people can look … 10 Nov 2011

Announcing BLUF Bristol

We're pleased to announce the new BLUF Bristol nights. BLUF will be members meeting for the launch of BLUF@Bristol on the 21st of October in the capital of England's West Country. The event will be held at GEAR, one of Bristol's regular monthly leather & fetish nights. Please note that … 21 Aug 2011


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