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Submitted by Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3), 03 July 2012



BLUF is a registered group in the World Pride march on 7th July 2012, and we welcome those who want to come and join us with the BLUF and leather flags, whether you're in gear or not.

The start time for the march has been rescheduled, and it now moves off at 11am, instead of 1am as previously advertised. This means we need to make our way to the assembly point just after 10.15am, to be in position around 10.30.

So, in view of the earlier start, we will not now be meeting at King's Cross station, as previously announced, but at Baker Street station.

The station is fairly large, so we will meet outside, on the same side of the main road as the main station buildings, opposite the London Planetarium, that is on the corner of Marylebone Road and Allsop Place.

Click here to see a map; the Planetarium is the round building in the picture.

We will be at the meeting point from 10am until 10.15am, when we will move to the assembly area in Baker Street itself. BLUF is in the yellow section of the march, and our 'parade id' is Yellow 16.

There is no BLUF dresscode for the march, but please remember that the march is in public and dress accordingly; you may find it helpful to look at the Marching groups handbook (PDF) for more information.

If you are planning to join BLUF on the day, please email pride @ and let us know.

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