BLUF in Berlin - update 2

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Submitted by Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3), 02 August 2018



Last week, we reported that the holder of the BLUF Berlin trademark had applied for an injunction to prevent one of our volunteers in Berlin from organising events using the BLUF name. Rather than immediately grant the injunction, the court gave each side a week to respond to the submissions made.

On 1st August, which was the deadline for filing responses, we were notified that the trademark holder had withdrawn their request for the injunction. While we welcome this step, which ensures that our planned events in Berlin will go ahead unhindered, we are concerned that this means there has been no official determination of facts.

So, this is not the end. It is merely the end of the beginning. As we made clear originally, we believe that the BLUF Berlin trademark was registered in bad faith, and we are determined to stand by our volunteers in the face of any further legal threats.

Consequently, we have instructed our lawyer to continue working to have the trademark cancelled. We will continue to take such additional steps as are necessary to protect BLUF, and the rights of our volunteers to organise events using the club's name, in Berlin and elsewhere.

Once again we thank all those who have supported us thus far, and hope we will be able to report more positive news as matters progress.

Nigel Whitfield, Director, BLUF Ltd