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Submitted by Nigel Whitfield, 06 June 2017



Pride season is upon us, and in many cities around the world, BLUF members and other leather people will be marching, showing that we're not afraid to live our lives the way we want.

In some countries, that's not the case - and in particular, events in Chechnya have been in the news lately, with awful reports of gay men being rounded up, tortured and even killed.

We've created a new design for Pride 2017, featured so far on five items in our merchandise shop. The B Proud logo combines the B of BLUF and the colours of the rainbow flag.

These items cost a bit more than some of the other gear we have on offer, but ensures that for each B Proud product sold, we'll be able to donate at least £5 to help the work of Rainbow Railroad. If we sell lots, we get more commission, so we'll be able to donate even more.

So, whether you're a BLUF member or not, we hope that you'll take the opportunity to buy one of these designs, show your pride, and help save LGBT people at risk.

BLUF members can now click the B Proud button on the photos page to download a version of their photos with the banner, to share online

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