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BLUF & LLM in the London Pride Parade 2019

These photos, showing the BLUF & London Leathermen group in the London Pride Parade 2019 were taken by member Longshot (2710) … 07 Jul 2019

Real Clear Fetish

BLUF has always stood in my heart and leather has always been my main fetish, but this has become a thing I have to step away from for some time now. Which has been a hard choice but a necessary one. But a month ago I started a group on … 19 Mar 2018

The #GEAR365 resolution to make a gear revolution

#Gear365 is an initiative to help men worldwide get their gear out of their closets, get it on to their bodies and out into the streets in everyday life. This is done by resolving to wear some form of gear every single day for one year. At first, that … 16 Jan 2018

An End to Silence: SurvivorsUK

Who are SurvivorsUK? SurvivorsUK helps men who’ve been raped, sexually abused or assaulted. Every year in the UK, around 12,000 men are raped and 76,000 sexually abused or assaulted. It isn’t easy for men to talk about what’s happened to them: only 4% will speak about it. Of … 09 Jan 2018

Launch of LFN at BLUF New years Drink - Start LFN bij BLUF Nieuwjaarborrel 7-1-2018

Launching LFN at BLUF New Year Drink - Start LFN bij BLUF Nieuwjaarborrel Sunday January 7 17:00 at The Web - Zondag 7 januari in de Web om 17:00 uur Dear leatherguys, LFN is a new overall leather organisation which will be launched at the BLUF Amsterdam New Year Drink … 29 Dec 2017

Help wanted

In the eight and a half years since I took over running BLUF, the size of the club has grown, and with it the scope of what we're doing. Our calendar, for example, now lists events from many other organisations around the world, rather than just BLUF events, with a … 01 Dec 2017

Support Rainbow Railroad with the new Wilderdrop EP

Earlier this year, we heard awful news from Chechnya where a hardline government was cracking down on gay men. Some were rounded up and tortured; there have been reports of others being killed, and of men detained for weeks in concentration camps. Many of us take it for granted that … 30 Nov 2017

London Pride Photos, 2017 - gallery 4

The photos in this gallery were taken by Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3) during the London Pride Parade 2017. Principally of BLUF and London Leathermen, it also includes a few other general shots of Pride. Click the photo to launch the gallery, and click the link below a photo to view it on Flickr … 14 Jul 2017

London Pride Photos, 2017 - gallery 2

Thanks to Longshot (2710) for this collection of photos of the BLUF/LLM group in the London Pride Parade … 10 Jul 2017

London Pride Photos, 2017 - gallery 3

The photos in the gallery on this page were taken by a variety of people during the 2017 London Pride Parade, and show the BLUF / London Leathermen group. To view full details of each photo on Flickr, click the link below each picture. … 10 Jul 2017

A profile of politeness

In common with many other sites, BLUF provides profiles for members to write a bit about themselves, alongside their photos. And, just like on other sites, sometimes you see things that make you think "What's going on here?" Often, people use words and phrases without really thinking too much … 30 Oct 2015

On Facebook, fetish and names

Like it or not, Facebook is the site that many, many people turn to for a lot of their online socialising. It's captured the market to a huge degree - you even see adverts where, instead of a web site, companies urge you to find them on Facebook. And, as … 21 Nov 2014

Community Matters

Last weekend in Bristol, we had another great BLUF party. The same weekend there were also BLUF events in Chicago and San Francisco, and the weekend before saw events in London, LA, and Chicago (again! It must be something in the water). This coming weekend, BLUF events are being held … 22 Oct 2013

The 12x12 pledge - how did you do?

Back at the start of the year, I launched the BLUF 12x12 pledge, to try and encourage people to get out to their leather bars, for more than just the special party nights. We had a great response, especially at the start of the year, but I've also been delighted … 29 Dec 2012

Joining BLUF doesn’t have to break the bank

Often, when I’m out and about in bars, the subject of leather comes up. When it does, I don’t leap in and say “I’m the BLUF webmaster.” Instead, it’s interesting to listen to what people say, especially if matters do turn to BLUF. And when they do, very often … 09 Nov 2011


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