The 12x12 pledge - how did you do?

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Submitted by Nigel Whitfield, BLUF webmaster, Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3), 29 December 2012



Back at the start of the year, I launched the BLUF 12x12 pledge, to try and encourage people to get out to their leather bars, for more than just the special party nights.

We had a great response, especially at the start of the year, but I've also been delighted to hear people still talking about it as we come to the holiday season and the close of 2012.

I've certainly managed a lot more than 12 visits - but then I have the luxury of living somewhere where a 20 minute bus ride will get me to one of the longest established leather bars in the UK.

Not everyone is as lucky, of course - which is why those of us who do live near a good venue should try and support it; living round the corner but only visiting a couple of times a year won't do anymore any good.

At the end of this year, while times are still hard for leather venues around the world, there are glimmers of good news amongst the gloom, like the re-opening of the SF Eagle. I wish them the best of luck.

I hope that, in some small way, our 12x12 pledge has inspired at least a few people to get out to their bars a little more often. Please do share your experiences, praise your favourite bars, and let us know how the leather scene is doing in your area, in the comments below.


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