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Who are SurvivorsUK?

SurvivorsUK helps men who’ve been raped, sexually abused or assaulted. Every year in the UK, around 12,000 men are raped and 76,000 sexually abused or assaulted. It isn’t easy for men to talk about what’s happened to them: only 4% will speak about it.

Of the few who do, it takes an average of 26 years to do so. SurvivorsUK wants to challenge stereotypes and taboos that prevent men speaking about what’s happened to them. SurvivorsUK's counselling, helpline and support services are here to help men deal with the devastating impact of rape and sexual abuse.

Steven Quick is a leather man and member of BLUF, currently living in Epsom. From the age of 13, he was taken advantage of by men who had a professional duty of care and a number of sexual predators who would regularly abuse him.

During this time, some of the people with knowledge of the abuse informed his peers, resulting in long term bullying and severe depression. At this time, his school and the police were also informed but unfortunately to no avail.

Now in his late thirties, Steven has managed to turn his life around, with very little professional intervention. He is much stronger and is able to speak out against abuse, and has decided to support the charity Survivors UK.

Raising money and awareness

Steven has been hosting charity events and recently raised £80 at a Leather Social run by Leathermen South (Leathermen South) in Brighton. He will be hosting a few more fundraising opportunities in the future but is calling on the support from his leather brothers and the gay community to help even more.

If you would like to support Steven's work, then please Donate here. Any gift you can give can make a real difference to men who have been abused

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