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Dallas Eagle

Dallas Texas, USA

5740 Maple Avenue, 75235.

Classic American Leather/levi bar catering to masculine clientele.

Telephone: +1.214.357.4375


Opening Times

Tuesday 1700-0200
Wednesday 1700-0200
Thursday 1700-0200
Friday 1700-0200
Saturday 1400-0200
Sunday 1400-0200


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Rating and reviews


ayren ratbane on 7 April 2019

Rating: 2

I live about 10 minutes from this bar, and I've been here about 8 times since I moved to Dallas 6 years ago. The atmosphere of the bar is what is advertised, a leather bar with occasional busy nights (mostly Saturday). I find other nights of the week really struggle. They have bondage equipment on display (a saint Andrews cross--Google it) which is NEVER used, it's basically PR. Maybe my expectations are too high after seeing real leather bars after traveling to other big cities, but I feel like this place is a big commercial with none of the "real thing". Everything is designed for a politically correct version of the leather brand. It's pretty much identical to every other bar in the gay Dallas area just with a leather skin on it. Bartenders here do not honor line order, they will serve people who obviously cut and edge in line. I've had it happen twice with two different Bartenders. Just out for the money. No real community feel here. It's definitely a commercially owned bar, not a local business. Edited 7 months later as an afterthought for anyone interested in music that it will be the typical canned "boom-chick a-boom" repetative constant repeat all night. No interjection of historic, recent, or current dance or edm music here.

Dallas S. on 16 November 2020

Rating: 5

Very different than the other gay bars, but in a great way. Wear something leather, if you like. But all dress is welcome. My favorite thing is that everyone is very care free, and letting their freak flag fly. Even if you don’t care about leather, being somewhere that lets people do their own thing without apologizing is refreshing. I miss it since covid started.

Gysore Mclibee on 18 April 2017

Rating: 5

First time visit; staffs are very friendly (the hot one who served me; remember my drink wow...impressive)and very sexy...and hot. Good size of dance floor and full of hot leather-lover-guys on the floor. No problem to visit again.

Jaime Ortega on 23 October 2019

Rating: 5

My favorite gay bar in Dallas.. always a good time to relax and have a few drinks.. the people are pretty easy going.. and the bartenders are super friendly and pour nicely.. Disco Night is awesome.

Dennis McClearn on 13 July 2017

Rating: 5

Went in on a Tuesday and had one of the best times in Dallas. Sat and had great conversation with the staff and that made the night. Sergio (probably not spelled right) and bartenders were friendly, inviting, and funny. If you love a place where you can relax and be yourself then this is the place!

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