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SF Eagle

San Francisco, USA

398 12th Street, 94103.

Re-opened, and now home to BLUF's monthly gatherings, on the second Saturday of each month.

Telephone: (415) 626 0880

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Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: Closed
Friday: 2:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Saturday: 12:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Sunday: 12:00 PM – 2:00 AM

Rating and reviews


Stephen Todd Colletti on 18 August 2020

Rating: 5

A great South of Market bar and generally a staple gathering spot for the local Leather community. The SF Eagle has been host to a number of up and coming bands, especially for Thursday Night Live. Beer Bust on Sunday is also a treat, as long as you like beer and/or good conversation with people you’ve known for awhile, and sometimes, those you’ve just met.

Donny on 22 February 2020

Rating: 3

I went to the jock strap night at the Eagle on a Friday. Which was a bit of a train wreck, stayed for about an hour. I arrived around 11pm, there weren't many people inside. The layout is pretty epic, with a big outside area which was more than double the size of the inside. I had worn my jockstrap and showed the door guy to get my discounted $5 entry (instead of $8). Inside very few people were actually wearing jocks, maybe like 3 out of about 30. A curious thing was that a majority of the patrons clustered outside in little groups underneath the outside heaters. So it was hard to find people to talk with. All the staff were quite good, the barman offered to top up my soft drink if I needed it later. So it was just the patrons that I didn't really warm up to. The majority of guys were bears and cubs, some hot cubs. Also there were a few women, which I didn't expect to see. There was a group of 3 early thirties white guys all wearing checked shirts, which I named the lumberjack group, seriously guys try not to be clones of each other. They got to talking to a handsome hot hipster type couple one of which was wearing a jock strap underneath white leggings and had a massive bulge. Because it was cold (late February) I stayed in the bar area and I could notice during the course of drinking my (large size) diet coke several people leaving the Eagle. When the hipster couple left I knew it was time to pack it in too because if they were bailing then it probably meant it was going to be boring. Also there weren't many handsome guys there and I wasn't getting any interest from anyone. So SF Eagle, great venue, friendly staff, not enough and not my type of patrons sadly. 6/10.

Roman Maximilian on 23 January 2020

Rating: 4

A event that I have gone to for years in San Francisco moved "recently" to the SF eagle. If you are there on a good night, the bartenders and the patrons are solid. More than a few times we get a aggressive bar back that's trying to dictate how the bar is operated, which ruins the vibe a little bit. I do not advise parking within the block or two of the eagle, I've been broken into twice. It's not the best area. The street outside is currently going underneath intense construction, as soon as that's done, I'm sure the area will be even better. they do not like doing tabs or taking card during large events, be prepared to have cash on hand. They do have an ATM, but you know they all have horrible fees. If you are there not during a event, they probably will be able to take your card no problem. something I wish they would change, cuz I would buy a lot more drinks if I didn't have to have cash on hand. Enjoy yourself, have fun, be silly.

Jesse Mendez on 25 June 2019

Rating: 5

My personal favorite smoking patio. Forget that Z bar. Easy going old school leather/bear/daddy hangout, this iconic bar has featured live music and a mixed crowd for most of its existence. Now refurbished and jazzed up, it's a great spot for a quiet drink if you show up early.

Finn de Lima on 4 November 2019

Rating: 5

I’ve been to many eagles and this has been my favorite so far. It was little’s night and I got to meet some of my pup friends too. Friendly, welcoming vibe, great outdoor area. There is a coat check.

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