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Following my post about BLUF events and coronavirus/COVID19 I have been keeping an eye on information about other clubs and events, and it occurred to me that it may be useful to gather in one place. While our calendar is normally focussed on leather events, for this blog, we will try to cover all fetish events. I shall attempt to update regularly.

Last update: 27th May 13:10 BST

Updated today: ECMC AGM 2020

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Darklands - Leather and Fetish Pride Belgium, 5-9th March

According to an announcement on the Darklands web site it has now been confirmed that some visitors were infected. If you attended, please follow the advice of your medical authorities.

Venues, cities & countries

Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom

All venues closed


The ban on gatherings in the Netherlands has been extended until at least 1st June


According to SF Gate, all bars and nightclubs in California have been ordered to close.

New York, New Jersey, Connecticut

Restaurants/bars closed.

San Francisco

A public health order now bans non-essential gatherings of more than 100 people, and some venues have closed as a result. Others operate with limited numbers


All bars, pubs and clubs are closed. Large events will not be allowed until at least the end of August

BLUF Events

BLUF has decided that all our official events around the world, from today (15th March) until the end of April, will be cancelled. A special announcement can be found here. Further events will be kept under review.

Additionally, all BLUF events in May are now cancelled, and in Montréal, all BLUF events scheduled for before the 31st of August have been cancelled


Paris Fetish, 28-30th May

This event - and the associated BLUF events over the weekend - has now been cancelled

Munich Fetish Weekend, 28th May - 1st June

This event is now cancelled

 Fetish Night Enschede, 29th May


Folsom Street East, 19-21st June

This event is now cancelled, as announced on twitter

BLUF in the London Pride Parade, 27th June

This event will be rescheduled when a new date for Pride is confirmed

Pride in London Parade, 27th June

The Pride Parade and associated events have been postponed until a later date

Fetish Week London, 12-19th July

As announced on the Recon blog, this event is now cancelled

Berlin Bear, 25th July

This event has been cancelled

Up Your Alley, 26th July

This event will now be a virtual event.

Folsom Europe, 9-13th September

Cancellation of this event was announced on 24th April

International Mr Leather, 24-27th September

It has now been announced that IML will not, after all, be held this year.

Folsom Street Fair, 27th September

This event will now be a virtual event.

Palm Springs Leather Pride, Oct 29th - 1st November

This event is now cancelled

ECMC AGM, Nice, 27-29th November

This event is now cancelled, along with the associated Mr Leather Europe contest. The AGM will be held in a virtual format


BGS (British Gay Skinheads)

All events that are scheduled in April to August have been cancelled. Oi fest will be going ahead as planned for the last time at Boltz

The Hide, Sydney

All events cancelled for the forseeable future

Past events

This section included for reference only.

BLUF Montréal, 12th March

This event is now cancelled.

Aperitish Yes Sir, Lille, 14th March

This event is now cancelled, per the announcement on Facebook

Bear Pride Contest, Cleveland, 14th March

Postponed, according to website of The Leather Stallion

Geared Ireland, Dublin, 14th March

This event has now been cancelled, according to a statement from the organisers in the private Facebook group.

Barcelona Leather Social, 14th March

Cancelled, according to an Instagram post from the organisers

BLUF SF Leather Lounge, San Francisco, 14th March

This event is now cancelled

So CA Bondage club, 14th March

This event, and all others until further notice, cancelled according to a note on the Metal Bond website

MLC Starkbierfest, Munich, 11-15th March

This event has now been cancelled completely.

Birmingham Fetish Weekend & Mr Leather UK, 13-15th March

This event is continuing, and the organisers have made some adjustments, which are detailed in one of the images attached to this blog.

Leather Social Birmingham, 15th March

According to a Facebook Post, the Leather Social Birmingham will no longer be part of this weekend's BFM event

Rangers Anniversary Party, Cleveland, 15th March

Cancelled, according to The Leather Stallion

New York Bondage Club, 15th March

Play parties have been suspended aaccording to their website

BLUF Copenhagen, 20th March

This event, which was to have been held at SLM, is cancelled.

Barcelona Spring Break, 19-22nd March

This event has now been cancelled, and may take place later in the year, according to a Facebook post from the organisers

Amsterdam Bear Weekend, 19-23rd March

Cancelled according to a Facebook post from the organisers

Spring is Hung, Washington DC, 21st March

This DC Boys of Leather event is cancelled, according to Twitter

BLUF NYC, 22nd March

This event, which was to have been held at the Eagle NYC, is cancelled

New York Bondage Club, 22nd March

Play parties have been suspended aaccording to their website

Brews & Boardgaymes, Washington DC, 25th March

This DCBOL event is also cancelled

Los Angeles Leather Pride, 21-29th March

LA Leather Pride has been postponed, according to a statement from the organisers.

Béar Feile, Dublin, 26-29th March

This event, organised by Dublin Bears, has been cancelled, as announced on Facebook

Full Leather Weekend, Paris, 27-28th March

This weekend, and associated events to celebrate the 15th anniversary of RoB Paris organised by BLUF and by French Rubbermen, have now been cancelled, including l'Apero des 15 ans on 27th and Rub'Zone on 28th

Onyx Code RED, Washington DC, 27-29th March

This event has been cancelled and the organisers intend to reschedule later this year

Fetish Bar Crawl Munich, 28th March

This event is now cancelled

WE Interasso Fetish, Lille, 4th & 5th April

This event has now been cancelled

XXXLeather, Amsterdam, 5th April


Leather Social, London, 5th April

Cancellation of this event has been announced on Twitter

BLF Easter in Berlin, 8-13th April

This event has been cancelled, as announced by BLF on their home page and on Facebook.

Smokeout 2020, 8-13th April

Organiser Bob Rothwell has announced that the event is cancelled. Next year's event will be April 7-12th, and it will soon be possible to transfer reservations.

Fetish Bound, London, 10th April

This event has been cancelled

SNAX, Berlin, 11th April

This event has been cancelled.

IMsLBB Weekend, 16-19th April

This event is now postponed

IGNITE, London, 18th April

This event is now cancelled

Manchester Rubber Weekend MRM11, 23-27th April

According to a post on Facebook this event has now been postponed. More information will be available later

CLAW, Cleveland 23-26th April

CLAW has been rescheduled and the new dates are November 19-22nd

Mr Rubber Europe, Manchester, 24th April

This event was to be part of the MRM weekend, but has now been postponed.

Mr Bolt Contest, Sacramento, 25th April

According to the website of the Sacramento Bolt the contest is on 'standby' pending further information

North West Leather Celebration, 30th April - 3rd May

This event has been rescheduled to take place October 23rd-25th

BLUF at The Backstreet, 1st May

As The Backstreet is closed, we have have cancelled this event

Mr Leather Italia, 1st-3rd May

This event has now been postponed

XXXLeather, Amsterdam, 3rd May


BLUF Minneapolis, 9th May


International Mr Leather, 21st-25th May

Having been previously postponed to September, IML is now completely cancelled for this year.

BLUF Sunday Social, Amsterdam, 24th May


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