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Fibber Magees

Dublin, Ireland

80 Parnell Street, Dublin.

Downstairs venue plays host to GEARED Ireland for many of their dresscode events. There's a small outdoor space where it's usually possible to smoke.


Opening Times

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Additional details

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Monday: 12:00 PM – 2:30 AM
Tuesday: 12:00 PM – 2:30 AM
Wednesday: 12:00 PM – 2:30 AM
Thursday: 12:00 PM – 2:30 AM
Friday: 12:00 PM – 2:30 AM
Saturday: 12:00 PM – 2:30 AM
Sunday: 12:00 PM – 2:30 AM

Rating and reviews


Flammie Pirinen (Flammie) on 3 May 2022

Rating: 5

It's the go-to metal and rock bar in Dublin, good beer and nice atmosphere. Arranges gigs and events every now and then. The service is nice, of course Friday nights the bars can get crowded but nothing too bad. The music is usually metal and rock that is suitable for most people i.e. nothing extreme either way, but I think there is a jukebox when it's not a concert night.

Reinaldo Resan on 10 April 2022

Rating: 5

The best pub for underground music lovers. Punk, Rock, Hardcore, Hardrock and Metal are always well represented by the local bands that play here. TAB also has a wide variety of beers and the highlight is Guinness, one of the best and tastiest beers in the world.

Robert Moloney on 18 April 2022

Rating: 5

Great bar service, fair price, free in, popular beer garden. Luas outside. Safe place.

Linda Kim van der Burgh on 28 April 2022

Rating: 5

Love the heated beer garden for group outings. Good snack food, good beers, nice atmosphere, it can be a bit loud but sometimes you just want to not be somewhere where everyone can hear what you're talking about because it's so quiet and you're not whispering

Anthony Loyer on 12 April 2022

Rating: 5

I played with my band, Ruined Family Vacation, the 31st of March 2022. Great crowd and great place to listen to original acts like us and live music.

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