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Submitted by Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3), 27 February 2018



The BLUF Calendar is one of the most important parts of the website, helping members and non-members alike to find events near them, and helping other groups to publicise the events that they organise.

Keeping it up to date is a big job - as well as events to add, there are tweaks to existing ones, translations of text, and contacting other groups to confirm details. Alongside the other day to day admin of the site, and the continuing development of the site and apps, maintenance of the calendar at the standard I'd like to keep up is becoming increasingly hard.

So, I'm delighted to announce that Paul, aka cubleder (919) has volunteered to be the Calendar Editor. When you contact events @ bluf.com it's him that you'll now be dealing with, for queries about adding your event to the calendar, or having details.

Please do remember, when you submit event information to include all the details we require as this saves a lot of time.

If you have questions about BLUF policy, want to arrange a BLUF event in a new city, or have other general BLUF enquiries, please continue to send them to me, but use events @ bluf.com for all calendar related queries.

Welcome to the team, Paul

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