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Norden Plus

The Dutch Leather and fetish scene has seen a huge revival in recent years, evident from the many well-attended events throughout the country. On International Fetish Day (19 Jan 2024) leather and fetish men got together all over the world at numerous parties and also in Tilburg in The Netherlands … 05 May 2024

BLUF Backstage: How we handle photos (2020)

In this backstage blog, I'm going to explain more about our current process for photo approvals. Photos, and whether or not they're accepted, is probably that thing that people query most once they're a BLUF member, and I'll admit that it is something that, from time to time, causes problems … 20 Apr 2020

More London Pride photos

These photos were taken by Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3) before the march, as members of BLUF and London Leathermen gathered at One Marylebone. … 08 Jul 2019

BLUF & LLM in the London Pride Parade 2019

These photos, showing the BLUF & London Leathermen group in the London Pride Parade 2019 were taken by member Longshot (2710) … 07 Jul 2019


The annual MOREPIXX? competition is back. Although this is first and foremost a prize competition for the best gay fetish photographs of the year, it is also a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, learn tricks, as well as to offer inspiration and encouragement to photographers, whether professional or amateur. More … 02 Nov 2018

Launch of LFN at BLUF New years Drink - Start LFN bij BLUF Nieuwjaarborrel 7-1-2018

Launching LFN at BLUF New Year Drink - Start LFN bij BLUF Nieuwjaarborrel Sunday January 7 17:00 at The Web - Zondag 7 januari in de Web om 17:00 uur Dear leatherguys, LFN is a new overall leather organisation which will be launched at the BLUF Amsterdam New Year Drink … 29 Dec 2017

London Pride Photos, 2017 - gallery 4

The photos in this gallery were taken by Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3) during the London Pride Parade 2017. Principally of BLUF and London Leathermen, it also includes a few other general shots of Pride. Click the photo to launch the gallery, and click the link below a photo to view it on Flickr … 14 Jul 2017

London Pride Photos, 2017 - gallery 2

Thanks to Longshot (2710) for this collection of photos of the BLUF/LLM group in the London Pride Parade … 10 Jul 2017

London Pride Photos, 2017 - gallery 3

The photos in the gallery on this page were taken by a variety of people during the 2017 London Pride Parade, and show the BLUF / London Leathermen group. To view full details of each photo on Flickr, click the link below each picture. … 10 Jul 2017

MOREPIXX? A new fetish photo competition

Calling all gay fetish photographers A brand new worldwide photo competition is about to get off the ground in December 2016 and we’d like to invite you to be a part of it. Join in and submit your best gay fetish photos. If your photographs are successful in the competition … 10 Dec 2016

BLUF Montreal launch photos

BLUF (Breeches and Leather Uniform Fanclub) returns to its 1997 birthplace, Montréal. Founder, Dutch Leon Jacobs desire was to create a virtual meeting place to alleviate isolation, foster communication, and promote sharing for those in the breeches and leather uniform fetish community. is the result his desire and … 23 Aug 2016

BLUF Montreal Pride photos

The Montreal chapter’s second event was participation in Montreal’s Sunday August 14th, 2016 Pride Parade that drew 300,000 spectators. The BLUF Montreal contingent won over the crowds and was warmly embraced by the cheering onlookers all along the route. … 23 Aug 2016

More London Pride Photos

Longshot (2710) has kindly submitted more photos of the BLUF / London Leathermen group from this year's Pride Parade. Click on a photo to view it on Flickr. … 29 Jun 2016

BLUF and London Leathermen at London Pride

Once again this year, BLUF took part in the London Pride Parade, and we formed a joint group with London Leathermen (formerly MSC London). With around 80 people taking part, we think this is the biggest ever leather turnout for the parade. Thanks very much to Paul Turner of LLM … 27 Jun 2016

BLUF in the London Pride Parade

On Saturday 27th June, London had its biggest ever Pride parade, and as in recent years, we had an official BLUF walking group. It was our biggest turnout for the march so far, with thirty people making up our group, please the BLUF and leather flags. We enjoyed a great … 30 Jun 2015

Photo highlights from London Pride 2014

The photos below are the highlights from over 100 that I shot on the London Pride march in 2014, and show members of BLUF and MSC London in our joint walking group. Click on a photo to view it on Flickr, where you'll also find all the other photos I … 13 Aug 2014

BLUF in Chicago Pride 2014

BLUFChicago marched in Chicago's 45th annual Pride Parade. More than one million spectators attended. BLUFChicago marchó en 45o desfile anual del orgullo de Chicago. Más de un millón de espectadores asistieron. BLUFChicago marchait en 45e annuel défilé de la fierté de Chicago. Plus d'un million de spectateurs ont assisté. BLUFChicago … 04 Jul 2014

London Pride March photos - set 2

More photos from the London Pride Parade, taken by leather bln (1879) … 02 Jul 2014

London Pride March photos - set 1

Thanks to Longshot (2710) for this set of photos showing the BLUF and MSC group in the London Pride Parade. … 01 Jul 2014

Flickr photos from London Pride

This Flickr gallery shows photos from the BLUF and MSC marching group in the London Pride parade; click on a photo to view it on Flickr. … 01 Jul 2014

More Flickr photos from London Pride

This Flickr gallery shows photos from the BLUF and MSC marching group in the London Pride parade; click on a photo to view it on Flickr. … 01 Jul 2014

London Leather Social

Although not a BLUF event, the London Leather Social is well attended by BLUF guys, along with a good selection of men into all the different sorts of leather. It's a friendly event which takes place in the upstairs bar at Comptons on the first Sunday of every month - … 06 May 2014

BLUF at Manchester Pride

The photos in the gallery below are from BLUF Northwest during Manchester Pride 2013. Click a photo to view on Flickr. … 10 Sep 2013

More Pride Parade Photos

These photos were taken during the Pride Parade by Steve, aka Licence2Thrill (2663) Click an image to view it on Flickr … 13 Jul 2013

BLUF photos from London Pride 2013

2013 marked the second year that BLUF was registered as an official participant on the London Pride Parade. We were joined in our walking group by members of MSC London as well, and had a total of around thirty people present on the day. The photos here were taken by … 09 Jul 2013

Photos from London Pride

Around 30 people took part in the Pride March for BLUF and MSC London. The photos on this page were submitted to us by FllLthr (1386) … 05 Jul 2013

BLUF in the London Pride Parade

BLUF is once again taking place in the London Pride parade, which this year is on Saturday 29th of June 2013. We'll be marching towards the front of the parade, hopefully with a fair few people in full leather gear. If you're into leather, and you'd like to join us … 29 May 2013

Folsom Europe photos

A small selection of black and white photos from the Folsom Europe streetfair, taken by the BLUF webmaster … 13 Sep 2012

Folsom Europe photos (2)

More photos from Folsom Europe 2012, taken by Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3) on Saturday 8th September. These were shot on colour slide film, then scanned. … 13 Sep 2012

More photos from London's World Pride March

Here are some more photos from the BLUF group marching in London's World Pride Parade, July 7th 2012. These photos have been kindly contributed from a number of sources. The first four were kindly sent to us by Polari Magazine, followed by three from Recon user 'Evilgrin' The next six … 01 Aug 2012

Rose Zaterdag 2012

These pics are from Roze Zaterdag (Pink Saturday) on July 7th. It's like the Dutch version of national Pride. Every year since 1978 another town is gay capital ('roze stad') of the Netherlands for the whole year ( and unfortunately only in Dutch). … 01 Aug 2012

BLUF in the World Pride March - photos

For World Pride 2012 in London, and since BLUF will be fifteen this year, we arranged a marching group in the parade. These photos, taken by Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3), show the group - which numbered around 25 by the time we finished - plus some of the other sights from the march … 11 Jul 2012

BLUF in the World Pride March - public photos

This collection of photos is from various users on Flickr who took photos of BLUF members as we passed by in the parade on 7th July. In spite of the weather and the change to the start time, we had around 25 people marching with us by the end of … 09 Jul 2012


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