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Norden Plus

The Dutch Leather and fetish scene has seen a huge revival in recent years, evident from the many well-attended events throughout the country. On International Fetish Day (19 Jan 2024) leather and fetish men got together all over the world at numerous parties and also in Tilburg in The Netherlands … 05 May 2024

Art and photography in the BLUF store

For some years now, we've supported 'HD Photos' on BLUF, by which I mean photos that are of a fairly high resolution, and which we are able to display full screen, even allowing users to zoom in to see detail. We added this because I believe that for a site … 10 Feb 2022

Classic Meets Fetish Berlin 2021 – Musicians Wanted

Are you a professional musician? Would you like to perform in your fetish gear to a large audience whilst also supporting other gay men in the process? Then we’d like to hear from you! CLASSIC MEETS FETISH is a classical music fetish event that takes place every year at Folsom … 03 Apr 2021

A creative start to 2021

After the year we've just had, how about something a little more creative? I thought I'd flag up two creative contests for people, both with deadlines at the end of January 2021. First, the regular MOREPIXX? fetish photo competion takes a slightly different format this year, because there won't be … 03 Jan 2021


The annual MOREPIXX? competition is back. Although this is first and foremost a prize competition for the best gay fetish photographs of the year, it is also a unique opportunity to exchange ideas, learn tricks, as well as to offer inspiration and encouragement to photographers, whether professional or amateur. More … 02 Nov 2018

Tom of Finland - UK screenings

The Tom of Finland biopic had its London premiere a few weeks ago. For many people, of course, the word "biopic" can conjure up the phrase "dull but worthy," however in this case, nothing could be further from the truth. The film's witty, engaging, and at times heart-breaking too … 12 Jul 2017

Tom of Finland emoji

Emoji - the smiling faces and other icons that pepper so much online speech - are constantly evolving. The nation of Finland has already contributed some - such as a sauna - that will appear on many devices later this year. Not content with that, the home of Tom of … 06 Feb 2017

MOREPIXX? A new fetish photo competition

Calling all gay fetish photographers A brand new worldwide photo competition is about to get off the ground in December 2016 and we’d like to invite you to be a part of it. Join in and submit your best gay fetish photos. If your photographs are successful in the competition … 10 Dec 2016

Keep Your Timber Limber (Works on Paper)

Keep Your Timber Limber (Works on Paper) is at London's Institute of Contempary Arts, from 19th Jun to 8th September 2013. Keep Your Timber Limber (Works on Paper) explores how artists since the 1940s to the present day have used drawing to address ideas critical and current to their time … 31 May 2013


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