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Submitted by Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3), 12 July 2017



The Tom of Finland biopic had its London premiere a few weeks ago. For many people, of course, the word "biopic" can conjure up the phrase "dull but worthy," however in this case, nothing could be further from the truth. The film's witty, engaging, and at times heart-breaking too. Starting in World War 2, and following Tom through the post-war years and their entrenched homophobia, it tells the story of how his work slowly started to find a wider audience, before becoming a key part of the booming leather culture in the USA.

For many of his fans, the film will be revealing of his personal life, and throw more light on some of the key figures in his history who appear - albeit sometimes lightly fictionalised - in the film. Tom of Finland is screening around the world - keep an eye on the BLUF calendar for details of premieres in various countries - and on general release this summer. In the UK its distributed by Peccadillo Pictures, who have kindly provided us with the list of confirmed screenings below. We'll update it as and when we have more details.

+Vue Cinema, Hull, 20/7/2017

  • ICA, Pall Mall, 6/8.2017
  • ICA, Pall Mall, 8/8/2017
  • ICA, Pall Mall, 11/8/2017
  • Picturehouse Central, London, 11/8/2017
  • Curzon Bloomsbury, London, 11/8/2017
  • Hackney Picturehouse, London, 11/8/2017
  • Crouch End Picturehouse, London, 11/8/2017
  • Duke of Yorks, Brighton, 11/8/2017
  • PH Arts, Cambridge, 11/8/2017
  • PH Fact, Liverpool, 11/8/2017
  • Stratford East Picturehouse, London, 11/8/2017,
  • Home, Manchester, 11/8/2017
  • GFT, Glasgow, 11/8/2017
  • Chapter, Cardiff, 11/8/2017
  • Filmhouse, Edinburgh, 25/8/2017
  • Watershed, Bristol, date tbc
  • Ritzy Brixton, London, date tbc
  • Watermans, Brentford, 1/9/2017
  • Errol Flynn, Northampton, 11/9/2017

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