BLUF Local: Montreal

Welcome to BLUF Montréal

BLUF originated in 1997 out of Montréal as an internet based organization. In recognition of its birthplace, a group of leather men are launching a Montréal Chapter in August 2016. The aim of the Montreal Chapter is to strengthen and grow the local leather scene via the organization of regular meetings and events for BLUF members and the leather community at large in a spirit of cooperation and friendship.

How to reach BLUF Montréal :

1 - Website:
2 - Facebook Page :
3 - Next gathering : on hiatus until future notice.
4 - Instagram : you can follow us at @blufmontreal. Since it's a closed account, make it clear that you are a BLUF members when you send a request.
5 - Contact : more information from LanglitzMontreal (3301)

Bienvenue à  BLUF Montréal

BLUF a commencé comme club sur internet en 1997 depuis Montréal. C'est dans le respect de la reconnaissance de l'origine, que plusieurs gars de cuir lancent en août 2016 BLUF Montréal. Le but du chapitre BLUF de Montréal est de valoriser la scène de cuir en organisant régulièrement des rencontres ou événements entre eux dans un esprit de collaboration et d'amitié.

Comment rejoindre BLUF Montréal :

1 - Site internet :
2 - Page Facebook :
3 - Prochaine rencontre : à déterminer prochainement.
4 - Instagram : vous pouvez nous suivre sur @blufmontreal. Compte tenu qu'il s'agit d'un groupe privé, bien mentionné que vous êtes un membre de BLUF lorsque vous faites votre demande d'adhésion
5 - Plus d'informations sur nos activités : LanglitzMontreal (3301)

Leather Santa visiting BLUF Montreal guys on their Christmas Dinner

On December 9th, Leather Santa, on his way to the North Pole, made a stop and visited the Montreal BLUf guys... with a lot of gitfs and surprises. What an exciting night. Thanks for Chez Priape who sponsored the wine for all the guys.

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Saturday 16 December, LanglitzMontreal (3301). Updated 16 Dec, 02:08 by LanglitzMontreal (3301)


8@10 - BLUF Montréal... celebrating BLUF 20th Anniversary

12 Nov 2017

Last Friday was BLUF Montréal's monthly gatheriing at Le Stud Bar. More than 40 leather guys were present and several new potential members have indicated their interest in joining BLUF Montréal. Next gatehring, Saturday, December 9, in the presence of Leather Santa.

Vendredi dernier avait lieu la rencontre mensuelle de BLUF Montréal au bar Le Stud. Plus de 40 gars de cuir étaient présents et plusieurs nouveaux membres potentiels ayant signifié leur intérêt a


BLUF Montréal at the Black and Blue's Leather Ball, October 6th.

14 Oct 2017

Last weekend was pretty busy for the Montréal BLUF guys... our monthly BLUF Gathering at Stud Bar and the LeatherBall part of the 27th edition of the Black and Blue Festival... with two well know DJ's, Marc Paquet from Montréal and Morabito from New York City. BLUF Montréal guys were invited and made a guard of honor to welcome all the participants at the Leather Ball. Thanks to LeMaestro (3532), Christian Généreux, Mr Cuir Montréal


BLUF Montréal in Fugues

01 Apr 2017

BLUF Montréal is pictured at the Stud Bar in the April 2017 edition of Fugues.

Fugues is a gay magazine, which publishes monthly in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, since April 1984.The magazine is primarily in French, although some English content is published as well. It focuses on news related to LGBT communities, gay culture, nightlife, health, fitness, fashion, travel, festivals, arts and entertainment. Over 180 pages of news, trends, culture, nightlife


BLUF Montreal 7 Octobre / October

01 Oct 2016


BLUF Montreal Pride

23 Aug 2016

Photos here / photos ici: BLUF Montreal Pride photos


BLUF Montreal launch

23 Aug 2016

Photos here / photos ici: BLUF Montreal launch photos


BLUF Montreal launch video

03 Aug 2016


Fugues Magazine

02 Aug 2016

This article was published in Fugues Magazine, August edition.

Cette article a été publié dans l'edition Aout de Fugues


BLUF Montreal launch

21 Jul 2016

Here is the English version of the poster for the launch of BLUF Montreal. Thanks to @327@ for the photo.

Full details of the event: BLUF Montreal Launch


Lancement du BLUF Montréal

21 Jul 2016

Voila! Version francais de l'affiche officielle du lancement de BLUF Montréal. Merci à @327@ pour ce photo.

Tous les infos sur cet événement: BLUF Montreal Launch


Welcome BLUF Local: Montreal

19 Jul 2016

BLUF was founded in Montréal, and so it gives me great pleasure to welcome the latest local group to the family. Bringing us back where we started, thanks to @3301@ and the rest of the team for putting in the effort to kickstart BLUF events in Montréal, starting on the 12th of August.