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Manchester Leather Weekend 2017

Well Manchester Leather Weekend 2017 is now over but it was a great weekend of leather clad events, including of course the BLUF social on Saturday.

We'd just like to thank you all for turning out and in particular coming to Delicatezze for the BLUF Social. We are in the final process of processing the picture and will have them uploaded in the next day or 2.

Hopefully you all enjoyed yourselves at the weekend and for those who weren't able to attend don't worry there's always next year so put the dates in your diary (Fri 5th Oct - Mon 8th Oct).

Feel free to contact the BLUF Manchester team Dave, aka Dave 30holedmguy (1108) or Nick (608).

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Tuesday 10 October 2017, Nick (608). Updated 10 Oct, 17:58 by Nick (608)