BLUF Local News: Berlin

BLUF in Berlin - meet the team

Many people have contributed to BLUF in Berlin over the years - we've been having events in the city for over fifteen years. Following recent events we thought we'd properly introduce the current team working for us in Berlin, all of whom have our full support.

The main organiser for BLUF in Berlin is Olaf, GermanLTHRcop (420) whom many people will know from Male.Space and the Berlin Cigar Men. He's working with Ephraim, steelcollar (69) from SM Apartments and the Berlin Leather Social - together they're bringing you the Black Weekend, which include BLUF bar nights and dinners throughout the year.

Also helping out is Bernd, Former member 330 who for many years has been organising joint BSF & BLUF events in the city.

We're happy to have all the team working for us - keep an eye the BLUF Local: Berlin page for the latest news and event updates.

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Friday 20 April, Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3).