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This calendar shows BLUF events around the world, and those of some other related organisations which we think may be of interest to our members and fans. It's not an exhaustive calendar of the leather scene, and we don't generally promote commercial events here.

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August 2018

Fierté Montréal Gay Pride

Thursday 09 August -> 19 August 2018

More détails soon.

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Québec City Pride Festival

Thursday 30 August -> 03 September 2018

The Quebec City Pride Festival is a social and artistic event celebrating LGBT+ Pride. Taking place during Labour’s Day weekend, the event attracts more than 35 000 people to downtown Quebec. It the perfect occasion for thousands of people to publically express values of equality and justice and to reclaim their rights while allowing the public to spend time alongside Quebec’s more diverse citizens. All will be able to appreciate three nights evening

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