BLF Easter in Berlin

Wednesday 28 March -> 03 April 2018

EASTER BERLIN is in Europe (along with Folsom Europe) the biggest fetish event that takes place in Berlin every Easter.

Throughout Germany, Europe and the wider world, this is advertised every year with the official EASTER-BOOK and brings thousands of visitors to the German capital. EASTER BERLIN is organized by BLF e.V.

Many events are offered by the BLF eV, where no wish remains unfulfilled: Rubber Party, Sportswear Party, Doggy Night, Bus City Tour, Fetish Dinner, Party Fetish Boat, Fleamarket, Fetish Exhibition, Skin Party, Puppy-Walking-Tour, Easter PIG-Party, ...

But other events also take place in Berlin for Easter, like the big SNAX party


Various venues, Berlin, Germany

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2nd BLUF French Leather Coalition at Easter Berlin, Friday 30 March, 17:00


BLF (Berlin Leder und Fetisch)

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