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Welcome to BLUF's blog. Here you'll find selection articles that we hope will be of interest to the wider community, not just BLUF members.

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A small change to the language in our dresscode, 06 August 2021

Staying safe online, 24 May 2021

Classic Meets Fetish Berlin 2021 – Musicians Wanted, 03 April 2021

It's HIV Test Week in the UK, 01 February 2021

A creative start to 2021, 03 January 2021

BLUF merchandise: a note on Brexit, 15 December 2020

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Community cards - a new service from BLUF, 18 October 2020

Black & White: an update on BLUF cards, 26 September 2020

Introducing the Greek Leather Community, 03 September 2020

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About privacy and BLUF

Privacy and the use of data is very much in the news at the moment, following stories about Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, so I thought I'd take a moment to explain a little more about our privacy policy, and the principles that guide what we do at BLUF. You can … 25 Mar 2018

BLUF passwords and security update

As part of our commitment to keeping BLUF secure, we have today made some important changes to the way passwords are handled on the BLUF web site. We're posting this publicly for two reasons - first, so that people who have forgotten their password can understand the new system and … 23 Feb 2015

The UK's internet censorship

With the UK's internet censorship scheme rolling out, enforcing a 'nanny knows best' view of what we should be allowed to see online, and at the same time blocking access to important sites, like LGBT health information, or support for abuse survivors, I've collected together some of the writing that … 20 Dec 2013


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