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Submitted by Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3), 23 October 2013



You'll find BLUF members and volunteers active on social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. Many members use the word BLUF and sometimes their BLUF membership number as part of their profile names online.

So, it's not always obvious whether something you read online is a statement from someone who's a member of BLUF, a volunteer or an official BLUF position. This guidance is intended to clarify matters.

Official BLUF social media presences are @BLUFclub on Twitter and Other accounts have responsibility in limited areas, as explained below. If in doubt, contact BLUFclub, or email


1. The definitive source of BLUF information for members is the website, and news items posted there, or blog posts on the public section of the site that are indicated as being from the Webmaster.


2. The main BLUF Twitter account is @BLUFclub. This is operated by the webmaster. Official statements of BLUF policy will usually come from this account, and can be verified by contacting @BLUFclub.

3. The official feed of the BLUF calendar is @BLUFevents. This feed is mostly automated. It you would like an event listed in the calendar, please contact by email.

4. BLUF volunteers organise our events, and there are twitter accounts at present for Bristol, Chicago and the North West of England. The Twitter handles for each are, respectively, @BLUFbristol, @BLUFChicago and @BLUFnorthwest. Each of these accounts incorporates the BLUF logo in their profile image, and can authoritatively answer questions regarding the events that they organise. They do not necessarily speak for BLUF as a whole.

5. Other Twitter accounts that include 'BLUF' in their name may be the accounts of members, and do not speak for BLUF in any capacity. They are, though, almost all very lovely people, and we reckon you should follow them.


6. The official BLUF Facebook presence is at This page is operated by the BLUF social media team, and many updates happen automatically when is updated.

7. Posts on the official Page that have no one's name included may be assumed to be official BLUF posts.

8. Posts using a different Facebook id are not necessarily the view of BLUF.

9. If a post on the Facebook page includes the poster's BLUF number or member name, that post is a statement by them, and not necessarily an official BLUF position, regardless of whether or not it is posted using the BLUF page id.

10. There are other BLUF pages and groups on Facebook, some of which are operated by BLUF volunteers, including the BLUF NorthWest page, and the BLUFsf and BLUF Bristol groups. As with Twitter, information posted by volunteers may be considered authoritative for their events, but does not necessarily speak for BLUF as a whole.

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