The Eagle Minneapolis new branding and new life

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Submitted by Ivan - 3396, 06 July 2023



After a few years in limbo about its future, the Minneapolis Eagle comes back with a new attitude. Known until recently as the EagleBOLTbar, this bar in downtown Minneapolis has served as the unofficial home to the Minneapolis BLUF meet-and-greet and other leather and fetish clubs and events.

Shortly before the pandemic, the bar experienced a decline in overall popularity. After many years in existence, the Mr Minneapolis Eagle title was eliminated. Bar events like gear or underwear nights were no longer held. Then, the bar went up for sale although it continued to be open with reduced hours and limited or no events or specials. The local leather community anticipated the bar to close, as many other gay specific establishments have around the country.

Then, the bar was purchased. Recent changes indicate the new owner is interested in re-creating the bar as an inclusive space for all, but particularly focused on leather. The bar new branding is simply Eagle|Mpls (Eagle Minneapolis.) The bar is scheduling events, expanding advertising, and inviting groups to have their special gatherings there. For example, BLUF Minneapolis is partnering with the Atons (a local leather club) holding a cigar social the first Thursday of every month at the Eagle|Mpls patio.

We, Minneapolis BLUF, are excited of this new chapter for the Eagle|Mpls and look forward to holding our events and gatherings in this supportive, inclusive, leather/kink centric atmosphere.