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Submitted by Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3), 30 November 2017



Earlier this year, we heard awful news from Chechnya where a hardline government was cracking down on gay men. Some were rounded up and tortured; there have been reports of others being killed, and of men detained for weeks in concentration camps.

Many of us take it for granted that, even in countries that aren't quite as open as, say, Ireland and The Netherlands, we can at least go about our daily lives without risking imprisonment or death at the hands of our own government, simply for being gay.

Over the course of 2017, several groups have focussed their fundraising efforts on trying to help people in Chechnya, by raising funds for Rainbow Railroad, a group that works to help LGBT people at risk find their way to safety.

Based in Canada, Rainbow Railroad has provided assistance and shelter to almost 120 people this year, with 35 of them from Chechnya. To do more, they need your support.

BLUF member 3388, and former Mr Leather Ireland Kevin Murphy has other strings to his bow, now least of which is his musical career as Wilderdrop, and his new EP "Lay Me Down" is released on 30th November, with all the proceeds until the end of December 2017 being donated to Rainbow Railroad.

Kevin told us

We’ve come a long way in Ireland from the decriminalisation of homosexuality in 1993 to becoming the first country in the world to vote in same-sex marriage in 2015. While 23 countries now recognise same sex marriage, it’s still illegal in 72 countries to be gay with Chechnya being an example of some of the most brutal treatment of LGBT people. Last year Rainbow Railroad had more than 600 requests for help, to meet a fraction of the demand they continue to need support, from volunteers and for funding.

You can buy Lay Me Down from most major distributors including Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and Play Music, though CD Baby takes the smallest cut, ensuring more of your payment will reach Rainbow Railroad.

• BLUF is also supporting Rainbow Railroad. Buy any of our "B Proud" gear, and at least £5 will be passed on to help their work.

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