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Submitted by Nigel Whitfield, BLUF webmaster, Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3), 29 May 2013



BLUF is once again taking place in the London Pride parade, which this year is on Saturday 29th of June 2013. We'll be marching towards the front of the parade, hopefully with a fair few people in full leather gear.

If you're into leather, and you'd like to join us, please do contact me via pride @ for more details. You don't have to be in full leather to join us - just come along and have a good time.

Last year was a lot of fun, and we had a lot of attention - people do seem to like a man in leather uniform! The photos attached to this article were taken by me last year.

BLUF members will be assembling between 1145 and 1200 at the corner of Marylebone Rd and Allsop Place (by the old Planetarium), then moving from there at noon to take our place in the parade lineup at Portman Close/Baker Street, which is due to move off at 1300. You should spot us by our outfits, or keep an eye out for the BLUF flag.

Please do note the following comments from London Community Pride regarding participation in the parade:

The Parade is for everyone to enjoy and drinking should be to a minimum before and during the Parade. If a participant is found to be drunk or under the influence of drugs they will be taken out of the Parade as this is a safety issue. Any drink should be taken in moderation during the Parade. No glass is permitted and plastic containers must be used. Any glass bottles/containers will be confiscated.

Drugs are strictly not permitted. Anyone seen taking/selling any drugs will be reported to the Police.

No nudity, lude or offence dress or behaviour is permitted and in such cases the police will deal with the individuals concerned. Anyone naked or seen flashing will be removed off the Parade. You should ensure that you have an alternative costume on the day should you be asked to cover up. No obscenity or production of offensive material will be permitted in the Parade at any point.

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