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Boots Bryant PR & Photography

Los Angeles, USA

Boots Bryant is an artist and photographer from Southern California. His erotic and fetish art photography has been exhibited in galleries throughout Southern California including Rick Castro's Antebellum Gallery, World of Wonder, The Zackheim Art Conservatory, as well as several galleries in the Long Beach East Village Arts District. He's also exhibited in art exhibitions at the Tom of Finland Foundation and Rough Trade Gear's annual Queer Art Expo. In addition to photography he has worked as a product development consultant, co-creating several BDSM gear brands available in adult stores around the world. He is available for private commissioned photo sessions and specializes in working with those with little to no experience posing for a camera look their best.

Twitter bootsbryantpr

Facebook: bootsbryantmen


David Dudar

Atlanta, USA

David M. Dudar specializes in destination photos and ManShots that showcase what makes each unique. His portrait work features men as destinations unto themselves--crafting natural light and outdoor settings to highlight the innate handsomeness of his subjects. Dave has photographed over 30 men featured by Modern Bear, including two dozen Beefcakes of the Week. A native of upstate New York, he resides in historic College Park, Georgia.

Facebook: dudarphotos


Everett Allen Photography

Minneapolis, USA

Everett Allen Photography is a Minneapolis based photographer who specializes in capturing the lives of leather, kink, and adventurous people. I am available for portrait sessions in my small studio or in your location. I will also photograph your special event, from weddings to leather contests.


FStop74 Photography

Pittsburgh, USA

I am a Brazilian photographer based in Pittsburgh, PA (United States). Photography is my passion and I am fascinated by people and all their fetish and kinks.
Everyone is beautiful and have something special, and I like to bring this up with my work.
Send me a message and we can discuss about your session together and have it done.


Glenn Mitchell

Miami, USA


Jim Wigler

San Francisco, USA

Jim is a former photographer for Drummer Magazine


LeatherMusk Images

San Diego, USA

LEATHERMUSK IMAGES is the freelance erotic photography of Southern California-based artist C.Ferreria. Focusing on queer erotic, leather/fetish, and portrait photography, LeatherMusk Images celebrates the male form as a canvas and a conduit for the darker edge of sensuality. A deep interest in the tactile and visceral defines the visual aesthetic of LeatherMusk Images, emphasizing texture to engage the viewer intimately with the photographic subject.


Mark I Chester

San Francisco, USA

I'm a San Francisco gay radical sex photographer, digital photographer, underground artist, writer, performer, curator and drawing group host. I've been documenting my life in San Francisco's radical sex underground for over 30 years. Due to censorship, I've exhibited my own work and the work of other sexual and radical artists in my studio since 1981. My photographs are socially conscious, politically provocative, sexually explicit and artistically taboo.


Motorboot Photography

Los Angeles, USA

Motorboot Robert is a photo journalist, event photographer and portrait photographer covering major leather events based in LA / SoCal. Out in the leather going back to the late 1990s, Robert has developed from a hobbyist, grabbing snaps of what is hot and interesting in gear and leather, to documenting events around the region including LA Leather Pride, Palm Springs Leather Pride, bar events and a variety of leather/fetish events.

Twitter MotorbootPhoto

Facebook: Motorboot photography


Octane Photo

Atlanta, USA

Tim - based in Atlanta Georgia USA - specializes in photographing men. Tim makes men look their best by paying attention to small details; by getting men to relax during a session; by providing clear instructions on that the model should so and how to pose; and - doing it in a fun, low-key atmosphere. A touch of humor doesn't hurt, either... Whether for casual or fetish applications, Tim makes guys look great.


Robert Siegelman

Boston, USA

Robert Siegelman takes photographs of men that are introspective and tender. They are sensual and sexual portraits. He depicts how his models, the artist, Queers and how people in general live in, and navigate, the everyday drama of facing themselves, while looking at, and finding themselves as sexual beings.

Siegelman’s work is an expression of his queer identity. He seeks to look at, and create from the shifting grounds of its many complications and changing facets.

The images here are culled primarily from his recent studio work. They are intimate pictures of friends, as well as photographs about identity. They are about these individuals’ connections to leather, kink, sexuality and self.


Smokey Productions

Chicago, USA




Publisher and designer of the zine Pink Mince, showcasing portrait photography from kink events and other places of interest.

Insta: pinkmince


The photographers in this list have taken pictures of BLUF members, or are well known for their work in the leather/fetish communities. If you choose a photographer from this list, please do tell them where you found their details.

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