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Danilo Pacifici

Milan, Italy


Haus Mein Gott

Vicenza, Italy

I’ve been working in this field for the past 6 years. The studio is located in North East Italy, closeby to Venezi, but I’m often traveling to the Major Fetish gathering in Europe, and can easily work on location in Europe.
Been working with WetHot Rubber before, Male Space / Berlin Cigar Men, and always happy to meet up with other fetish peers or Leathermen and create stunning visuals together.

Twitter hausmeingott


The Dark Side of Pan

Milan, Italy

the_dark_side_of_Pan is the erotic photo project by italian artist and photographer Gianluca Panareo.

Strongly inspired by Renaissance and Baroque art, his research tries to enclose even the most explicit action in elegant images, in an attempt to capture the sublime of erotic and kinky acts.

His works were exposed into international exhibitions like Ljubljana Biennale 2014, Venice Biennale 2015 and Lebanon Biennale 2017. He is director of photography and video operator for international porn production

Twitter darksideof_pan

Instagram thedarksideof_pan


The photographers in this list have taken pictures of BLUF members, or are well known for their work in the leather/fetish communities. If you choose a photographer from this list, please do tell them where you found their details.

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