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Dirk Wijs Photography

Brugge, Belgium

Dirk Wijs Photography is an international photographer and video artist based in Bruges - Belgium.
People say he has an eye for erotic fetish masculinity and also call him the soul photographer.
"Everybody has a story, let me capture yours"

Instagram dirkwijsphotography


Fleshblack Images

Brussels, Belgium

The name refers to the style that I started to use at the beginning of my photography days : the colour of (male) FLESH against a BLACK background, hence "FLESHBLACK".

Men like to play. With everything. Not in the least with their own sexuality and eroticism. FleshBlack is not about showing the male body in the "artistic nude" style with lots of soft or hard shadows to mark the bulging muscles. Nor is it only about the glamourous, young, gymtrained look.

It is more about exploring what makes a man sexy. Any man. At any age. With any look. It's about "Males in their games".


The photographers in this list have taken pictures of BLUF members, or are well known for their work in the leather/fetish communities. If you choose a photographer from this list, please do tell them where you found their details.

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