What is BLUF.email

BLUF.email is an email service that is available to BLUF Black card holders. It provides you with an email address like nigel@bluf.email, which you can access via the web, or using the email app on your phone or computer.

Are these official BLUF email accounts

An account ending in bluf.email is the personal account of the member to whom it has been issued. It is not an account that represents BLUF in any official capacity. BLUF volunteers have accounts on bluf.com, and directors have accounts ending in bluf.ltd.uk. Opinions expressed in emails from a bluf.email account are those of the sender only.

How do I get one?

You need to have an active BLUF Black card, which you will receive if you set up regular recurring donations to BLUF. When your card is active, you can request a BLUF.email address via the link t the bottom of this page.

What's the catch?

There isn't a catch - the email service is provided as an extra perk to members who choose to support the club. Of course, if you leave BLUF, or stop making regular donations, your email account will be terminated, but we'll do our best to help you download any messages before deleting them.

However, please note that we operate the BLUF.email service on a best-effort basis, so we can't offer telephone support, and while it's pretty reliable, we can't guarantee 100% availability.

Are there any limits?

The amount of storage per member is presently 1GB. That may not sound like a lot, but my personal email contains messages and photos going back to 2003, and takes up only 1.7GB. We may review this limit in future.

There are some restrictions on the names you can have for your BLUF.email account.

  1. First-come, first-served.
  2. We don't allow all-numeric addresses, as they're too easy for spammers to guess.
  3. We don't allow addresses that start with bluf, as some people might assume those are official accounts.
  4. You cannot choose an address that might suggest you are a person or organisation that you are not. For instance, no one other than our founder will be allowed to be leon@bluf.email, and unless you run the club, you can't have MSCLiechtenstein@bluf.email.
  5. Absolutely no references to hate speech or ideology, including (but not limited to) SS, 88, HH. We will not allow these to be used in email addresses for BLUF.email.

Additionally, your should only use your BLUF.email account for personal use, and not use it to send spam, harasssing or illegal material, or to run a business.

How do I change the password on my BLUF.email account?

The password on your BLUF.email account will always be the same as the password you use to access BLUF.com. So to change your BLUF.email password, change your BLUF password.

How do I set up BLUF.email on my phone?

The Welcome message we'll send you when your account is approved contains the details you'll need. You can also find server information here. BLUF.email uses the IMAP protocol, which is supported by all modern email programs.


If you would like to register for a BLUF.email account, please click here and follow the instructions.