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BLUF SF events in the San Francisco Bay Area include BLUF SF HARD at the SF Eagle every 2nd Friday, starting 9 July 2021.

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BLUF SF Pride 2019

BLUF SF Pride 2019

SF plans for a new Leather District

By Race Bannon (reposted from Facebook, with permission)

There is a process underway to create a city SOMA Leather District that has had one newspaper article published about it and a few small planning meetings of which I'm aware, but otherwise hasn't really made the rounds adequately (in my opinion) of all the San Francisco Leather Community stakeholders.

I'd like to see more key San Francisco leather scene representatives present at future community meetings so that the community can provide appropriate input on the creation of "our" district. This group post will likely notify many of the kinky gay men in San Francisco, but if you could reach out to the rest of the local leather community spectrum in our city within your networks about this, it would be appreciated. The SOMA Leather District could be a great thing, but we want to make sure it truly addresses the needs of our community properly.

For example, I'd love to see built into the leather district's proposal that financial and city mechanisms were put in place to properly fund a leather/kink community space we could all use. That is but one idea. The important thing is that the people at the core of this project hear from all of us in the community about what our true needs are, what historical district boundaries make sense, what community businesses and organizations it can best support, and so on.

Feel free to copy this and send it to whoever you think might want to get involved.

The next community meeting (which I sadly can't attend) information is below. I'd like to see as many people as can show up and offer their input.

Leather District Community Meeting
Monday November 6th
5:30-7:30 pm
The Stud (399 9th Street, SF)

Here is an article about the proposed district.

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Friday 27 October, Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3).


BLUF and SF Eagle team up to make TRIBE

16 May 2017

The leather scene's constantly changing - but there are many who still yearn for the vibe of the 70s and 80s. So the BLUF team in San Francisco has teamed up with the SF Eagle to bring you TRIBE: A leather resurgence.

Find out more details in the calendar: BLUF SF presents TRIBE


Vice goes Up Your Alley

02 Aug 2016

Online magazine Vice has a report from Up Your Alley. It's mostly photo-based, and includes a great shot of some of the BLUF men there.


Don't forget your tickets for BLUF's SF dinner

21 Jul 2016

BLUF's annual San Francisco dinner is on the 28th of July, kicking off the Up Your Alley weekend. Tickets are still available, but it's a popular event, so you're advised to buy in advance.

You can purchase tickets online at and some of the proceeds go to the Leathermens Discussion Group - more details are on the ticket page.


Stompers Boots

23 Feb 2016

If you're planning a visit to SF and thinking of shopping at Stompers Boots, we have bad news. The retail store closed last weekend, and the company is operating online only at the moment. A new store is planned for Fort Lauderdale. More details on the company's Facebook page.


BLUFsf moves to 4th Saturdays, starting February 27th

28 Jan 2016

From February, the regular BLUFsf night at The Eagle moves to the fourth Saturday of the month, instead of the third - so February's event will be on the 27th.


A change for BLUF events in SF

26 Aug 2015

From September, instead of taking place on the first Friday of the month, BLUF events at The Eagle will now be on the third Saturday.

For forthcoming dates, click the Events link at the right.


BLUF is back in San Francisco

25 Feb 2015

After a hiatus, I'm pleased to announce that regular BLUF meetings are back in San Francisco, with a new night on the first Friday of every month at the SF Eagle, from 9pm. This night is run in conjunction with HotBoots and the Bay Area Cigar Buddies. For more info, contact @63@ or Booted_Man_Muc (formerly #2664)


Photos from the Folsom Dinner

28 Sep 2014

A set of photos from the BLUF Folsom dinner is online at


New member offer: Leather BNB, San Francisco

24 Aug 2014

BLUF members now receive a 10% discount at


BLUF events around Folsom

24 Aug 2014

BLUF is hosting two events this year around Folsom, the first of which is our BLUF Folsom Dinner, co-sponsored with the California B&B Corps, The 15 Association, Golden Gate Guards, HOT BOOTS, and Phoenix Uniform Club of San Francisco. That's on Thursday 18th.

On Saturday 20th, it's the Leather cruise on the bay, organised with Golden Gate Guards.

You can find all the details via the calendar links on the right, or


2014 BLUF SF Dinner

07 Aug 2014


BLUFsf is inaugurating a new event this year, the first annual dinner at Folsom Street Fair. Will be on Thursday, September 18th at Don Ramon's on 11th Street. Ask TODAY about becoming a host! DEADLINE FOR BEING ON THE INVITATION IS AUGUST 18TH. Join us! Contact @63@ for more information.


5th Annual San Francisco BLUF Dinner

14 Jun 2014

All the details of the dinner are now in the BLUF calendar - just follow the link, and don't forget to register in time.


BLUF at the Eagle

03 May 2014

Beginning this month, the SF Eagle Tavern is starting a monthly drag night on 3rd Saturdays, which spells the demise of BLUF INVASION 3rd Saturdays. To keep the ball rolling there's the new KONTROL event sponsored by the Eagle, which you'll want to gear up for -- though it's a different sort of thing, with "five play spaces" et al. Check it out! It debuts tonight, BUT NOTE THAT after tonight, KONTROL continues on


Dore Alley Dinner in San Francisco

03 Apr 2014

The 5th annual BLUF Dore Alley Dinner will be held, as usual, on the Thursday before the fair. This year, that's 24 July.

Right now we're gathering visiting BLUF men to join the host committee. If you'll be in SF on the Thursday before the Fair, join us.

It's easy to host: plan to be in SF and attend the event, put your moniker