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You'll find local BLUF men at The Eagle NYC, where our monthly social occurs every third Sunday, 5PM to 8PM. . We also have occasional dinners and outings to local museum/gallery/theatre events, Local organiser: Michael, aka The Viking (1320)

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BLUF NYC Socials for 2019

We're delighted to announce that, thanks to the volunteering efforts of Drummer and The Leather Fraternity (3522), 2019 will see regular BLUF monthly Socials at Eagle NYC

Most months, these will be the last Thursday of the month, from 8pm - ahead of the Eagle's own GEAR night. BLUF dresscode is appreciated, but not compulsory - so feel free to come along whether you're a member, or you just want to find out more about the club. You can find the full list of dates in the calendar, and please help spread the word - it's time to get New York geared up

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Holiday Party AND Food Drive at EagleNYC

10 Dec 2016

PLEASE bring canned goods (benefiting City Harvest) to attend (not cash).

Friday December 16
8 P.M. - 10 P.M.

Open bar and buffet dinner.
Food drive benefiting City Harvest.
PLEASE bring canned goods to attend (not cash).


Gear night at Eagle NYC

22 Nov 2016

No longer is there a closed off area on Thursdays dedicated to men dressed in leather. It has been replaced by "Gear" night which is dedicated to any kind of fetish gear and is open to all. There are also "dancers and demos."
I think that the intention is to have each week dedicated to some theme gear.


Dinner & A Dungeon

20 Jan 2016

"Dinner & A Dungeon" on Saturday, February 27, 2016 @ 7:30 pm: Dinner at etcetera etcetera restaurant (private room upstairs) and then Dungeon at EagleNYC after dinner!

Mr Eagle 2016 and Team Eagle present:

"Dinner and a Dungeon"

You've asked for more than one dinner a year, so here ya go but . . . No Raffles - No Auctions - Just dinner (cash bar) and then some fun!

Put on your best leather and enjoy


X-Rated at the NY Public Library - Video -

06 Jan 2016

The New York Public Library’s erotica collection (begun in the late 1970's) includes seedy Times Square ephemera, early transgender magazines and copies of Playboy.
Since it does not mention gay I assume it may not be included. (Perhaps that's in the LGBT collection?) Either way this collection is a great way to see what people were looking for in erotica back then (and later) as opposed to


Gay Leather Scene Tones Down from Hardcore to Dress-Up

23 Dec 2015

Fashion & Style
Gay Leather Scene Tones Down from Hardcore to Dress-Up

DEC. 22, 2015

It's pretty disappointing to read that article's title and then see that what they actually mean is boys wearing harnesses who dance with loud music.