BLUF Local: New York

Are you a BLUF member in New York? If you fancy stepping up and maintaining this page - or even trying to get people out in gear in the city - please contact Nigel, aka SubDirectory (3)

BLUF NYC Socials for 2019

We're delighted to announce that, thanks to the volunteering efforts of Drummer and The Leather Fraternity (3522), 2019 will see regular BLUF monthly Socials at Eagle NYC

Most months, these will be the last Thursday of the month, from 8pm - ahead of the Eagle's own GEAR night. BLUF dresscode is appreciated, but not compulsory - so feel free to come along whether you're a member, or you just want to find out more about the club. You can find the full list of dates in the calendar, and please help spread the word - it's time to get New York geared up

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Holiday Party AND Food Drive at EagleNYC

10 Dec 2016

PLEASE bring canned goods (benefiting City Harvest) to attend (not cash).

Friday December 16
8 P.M. - 10 P.M.

Open bar and buffet dinner.
Food drive benefiting City Harvest.
PLEASE bring canned goods to attend (not cash).


Gear night at Eagle NYC

22 Nov 2016

No longer is there a closed off area on Thursdays dedicated to men dressed in leather. It has been replaced by "Gear" night which is dedicated to any kind of fetish gear and is open to all. There are also "dancers and demos."
I think that the intention is to have each week dedicated to some theme gear.


8 P.M. opening of roof deck at EagleNYC

09 Aug 2016

The rooftop deck at EagleNYC opens at 8 P.M. on Tuesdays during the good weather (often into October). Officially called 'Smoking Tuesday' it's not a restricted leather code event but is very conducive to geared-up leather men.

This is a great weekly opportunity to get out relatively early and wear our gear with other men.


CHOMP formal leather dinner and social, Saturday, April 9, 2016

25 Mar 2016

Preparations for the event are rolling along. We're about half sold for the event, so if you haven't gotten your tickets yet, there's still some time. Come join the men and women of team eagle for some good food, good drink, and a little debauchery. As always we have some great sponsors who have donated for the event including the folks below:

Etc Etc restaurant
The Leatherman
Man Skins
FM Leather
Troy Anicete Designs


CineKink: The kinky film festival

01 Mar 2016

Tuesday 1 March, until Sun 6 Mar

CineKink: The kinky film festival returns to New York for 2016 with a wide ranging program of kink films, including comedies, shorts, discussions and parties.

Location: Anthology Film Archives, 32 Second Avenue (at 2nd St.) New York, NY


Dinner & A Dungeon

20 Jan 2016

"Dinner & A Dungeon" on Saturday, February 27, 2016 @ 7:30 pm: Dinner at etcetera etcetera restaurant (private room upstairs) and then Dungeon at EagleNYC after dinner!

Mr Eagle 2016 and Team Eagle present:

"Dinner and a Dungeon"

You've asked for more than one dinner a year, so here ya go but . . . No Raffles - No Auctions - Just dinner (cash bar) and then some fun!

Put on your best leather and enjoy


tickets for Broadway Backwards

11 Jan 2016

from Rick Weber:

On Tuesday, January 12, tickets go on sale publicly for Broadway Backwards, which benefits Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and the LGBT Center of New York. As a host committee member, my friends get early access and therefore better seats for this extraordinary night, so get your tickets now!

Broadway Backwards is the only Broadway event created for the LGBT community and our friends and allies. I would be thrilled if you


X-Rated at the NY Public Library - Video -

06 Jan 2016

The New York Public Library’s erotica collection (begun in the late 1970's) includes seedy Times Square ephemera, early transgender magazines and copies of Playboy.
Since it does not mention gay I assume it may not be included. (Perhaps that's in the LGBT collection?) Either way this collection is a great way to see what people were looking for in erotica back then (and later) as opposed to how


CHOMP formal leather dinner and social on Saturday, April 9, 2016

06 Jan 2016

CHOMP (last year's info
Saturday, April 9, 2016 THIS year.

I'll update you when I get final registration info. In the meanwhile it has always been Dinner at etcetera etcetera restaurant and then transportation to EagleNYC after dinner for a cigar social on the roof deck (before official opening hours).


Gay Leather Scene Tones Down from Hardcore to Dress-Up

23 Dec 2015

Fashion & Style
Gay Leather Scene Tones Down from Hardcore to Dress-Up

DEC. 22, 2015

It's pretty disappointing to read that article's title and then see that what they actually mean is boys wearing harnesses who dance with loud music.


EagleNYC Holiday party / food drive benefiting City Harvest.

10 Dec 2015

EagleNYC Holiday party / 15th annual food drive benefiting City Harvest.

Tomorrow, FRIDAY December 11 is the annual holiday party (open bar and buffet dinner) / food drive at Eagle NYC, between the hours of 8 - 10.

Entrance is for people with cans of food benefiting City Harvest. PLEASE be sure to bring canned food so others in need will have a brighter and happier holiday season. Your donation of canned foods


Official BLUF Social TODAY at EagleNYC (November 20)

12 Nov 2015

Official BLUF Social TODAY at Leather Draft Friday

TODAY, Friday, November 20, will be the first official BLUF Social at 'Leather Draft Friday', at EagleNYC (on the second floor, near the bar).

time: between the hours of 10 P.M. and midnight.
If you arrive later just remember that the place gets filled with non leather people. Leather ALWAYS appropriate there, anytime.

This of course means full leather uniforms.



This Friday is 'Leather Draft Friday'

16 Sep 2015

This Friday (September 18) is the next 'Leather Draft Friday' at EagleNYC (between 10 pm and midnight).
Gear-up and get your leather brethren, both local and visiting, to attend as well. It's always enjoyable on the roof deck. Be part of it. It's up to us to keep EagleNYC leather friendly.


'Team Eagle' and Cycle for the Cause

16 Sep 2015

'Team Eagle' and Cycle for the Cause-
This weekend (September 18-20, 2015) 'Team Eagle' is bicycling their annual 275-mile trek from Boston to NYC. Their purpose: to raise awareness and funding to fight HIV and AIDS. It's not too late to donate to the team in general or to specific team members.


Sexual Attraction and Fluidity

07 Sep 2015

Sexual Attraction and Fluidity
by Charles M. Blow®ion=opinion-c-col-right-region&WT.nav=opinion-c-col-right-region&_r=0

This article (with over 400 NYTimes readers comments when I posted it) has nothing to do with leather but is particularly enlightening.

It ends with what I think is the kind of human understanding that will increase coexistence and harmony among human beings. It


Mr. Eagle NYC 2016 contest weekend (October 2-4)

01 Sep 2015

Friday October 2
10 PM
Meet and Greet

Saturday October 3
9 PM - ~11:30 PM

Sunday October 4
7 PM
Victory Party


Folsom Street East- this Sunday June 21, 11am-4pm

15 Jun 2015

The annual Folsom Street East street fair is this
Sunday, June 21, 2015.

Folsom Street East kicks off at 11am on 27th Street (between 10th & 11th Avenue), just a block away from The Eagle NYC.

Beer Blast begins afterwards on the EagleNYC roof deck at 4pm.


How to Make Online Dating Work

15 Jun 2015

Since we are an on-line community I thought that this article might be both relevant and amusing.

N.B.- I would never consider BLUF to be an on-line dating site.


Tom of Finland: Pleasure of Play (NYC, until August 23)

12 Jun 2015

"Tom of Finland: Pleasure of Play" at 38 Greene and 55 Walker Street

June 14


#RAWHIDE: The cowboy in art

11 Jun 2015

This event, just added to the BLUF calendar, continues until 11th July 2015.


Reflection on Pride Month NYC

09 Jun 2015

The following NYTimes article has links to other old articles which remind me of the time when people were less tolerant and more narrow minded.

Even as gay men differ and vary as colors and their many shades, I think that it is important and necessary for us to remember the drag queens of Stone Wall (June 1969) who were the catalyst in our gradual liberation into open society.



CODE Thursday at EagleNYC

29 May 2015

Since the roof deck is now open (as long as the weather permits) and most men spend their time there, the restricted area on the second floor is back to its' previous curtained section which includes the bar. CODE is still strictly enforced there.


Smoking Tuesdays EVERY Tuesday now, begin 8 PM

25 May 2015

EagleNYC- Smoking Tuesdays 8 PM on roof deck.

EagleNYC has renewed its' 'Smoking Tuesdays' on the roof deck, EVERY Tuesday evening, beginning at 8pm.

No dress code. Come as is directly from work if you wish.


Binge drinking: What the ancient world can teach us

13 May 2015

I thought this both interesting and amusing, and am posting it here since this is what lots of [leather]men do at [gay] bars.

Binge drinking: What the ancient world can teach us about dealing with drunken revellers


Men's Style, a new section in the New York Times

02 Apr 2015

I just got this letter from the NYTimes announcing their new "Men's Style" section on the first Friday of every month. It's obviously geared to all men but fortunately that also means gay men. They really got me on the "mating" part at the end. WOOOF!

"To our gentlemen subscribers (and those who love them),

We�re pleased to announce the introduction of Men�s Style, a new section offered in print on the first


EagleNYC- Smoking Tuesdays begins April 28, at 8 PM

26 Mar 2015

For those of you who like leather connected things to look forward to, EagleNYC will renew its' 'Smoking Tuesdays' on the roof deck on the last Tuesdays of April and May. Then beginning June 2 it will be EVERY Tuesday.

On these Tuesdays, EagleNYC opens particularly early- 8 PM.

If you're planning a visit to NYC please take this into consideration for your enjoyment pleasures.


Naked ambition: when the Greeks first stripped off

24 Mar 2015

Not local news, but an interesting article coinciding with the opening of an exhibition in London:
Defining Beauty opens at the British Museum, London WC1B, on 26 March and runs until 5 July.

Naked ambition: when the Greeks first stripped off


NYTimes article: Metro Areas With ... Gay Populations

20 Mar 2015

Demographic Snapshot
The Metro Areas With the Largest, and Smallest, Gay Populations


our priorities as leather men in the gay community

10 Mar 2015

Leather MEN !

The weather is warming up, the snow and ice are melting. The ideal months for wearing leather comfortably outside are passing, while too much leather gear is closeted. Let's look at our priorities- we love the look and feel of our leather gear, and that of our fellow leather brethren. We have it to wear, while enjoying its' sensuality. We don't need excuses like there aren't leather bars or the weather is


Annual CHOMP NYC formal leather dinner April 18

24 Feb 2015

Annual CHOMP NYC formal leather dinner April 18

Tickets are on sale now for this year's CHOMP dinner- Saturday, April 18th. It will be at the same location ("Etc Etc" restaurant). A shuttle bus to EagleNYC will be provided after dinner to continue the leather social.



The founding of BLUF Local: NYC

19 Nov 2014

I asked to have BLUF Local New York City established in order to help me resurrect the disappeared leather scene in New York City. It has become a reality and we are gathering momentum. Growth still depends on participation. What's a leather man without a vibrant community and place to gather to socialize/interact and cruise?

Leather is not a costume for the leather man. It's the leather that finds the leather man. Leather is


Introduction to founding BLUF Local NYC

04 Jul 2014

BLUF Local: New York City

I asked to have BLUF Local New York City established in order to help me resurrect the disappeared leather scene in New York City.

Leather is not a costume for the leather man. It's the leather that finds the leather man. Leather is a brotherhood. It's a mentality, a vehicle which transfers the sensual. That big red heart on our leather flag represents love, compassion, and empathy.



Welcome to NYC Local!

03 Jul 2014

Thanks to a cooperative effort with Nigel (I asked and he did all the web programing) BLUF NYC Local now exists!

I'll be sending out a newsletter later today or tomorrow to introduce what I hope will entice leather men back out to socializing in public and returning NYC to a place that leather men, both local and visiting, will be proud of. The real secret to that though is to gear-up, get out