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Nueva creación de BLUF Madrid, aunque podéis informaros de otros eventos BLUF en el resto de España. La mayoría de los eventos de BLUF Madrid, se realizan en el club At Substation (C/Monserrat 30). Hemos empezado nuestro camino, esperemos que con la ayuda de todos, podamos crecer.

Aprovecharemos también que 2017 es el año de la Euro & World Pride Madrid, para estar presentes. Todos sois bienvenidos, cualquier sugerencia o información, Luis, aka alterCUERO (255)

New BLUF Local Madrid, but you can get some info about other BLUF events in the rest of Spain. Most BLUF Madrid events are held in the club At Substation (C / Monserrat 30). We have started our path, hopefully with the help of all, we can grow.

We will also organize our presence at the Euro & World Pride Madrid, so.... All are welcome.
Any suggestion or information, Luis, aka alterCUERO (255)

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BLUF Torremolinos Weekend

Wednesday 11 October -> 15 Sunday Oct 17

Official hotel in BLUF Torremolinos Weekend All BLUF members and friends that clic on the web of the Hotel Ritual Torremolinos, will get an extra discount of 10%. You have to use the voucher: TLF2017. So quick...what are you waiting for??? AVAILABLE UNTIL 30/09/2017 BOXER Torremolinos All BLUF members will get a discount of 10% during BLUF Torremolinos Weekend at BOXER Torremolinos. You should show your BLUF Card to get this offer. So quick...what are you waiting AGENDA Thursday 12th 19:00 Welcome Cocktail @ Boxer Torremolinos (BLUF&LFS members for free) 24:00 La Noche más LEATHER @ Querell (10€; BLUF&LFS members 2x1 and wardrobe for free) Friday 13th 20:00 Cigar Lounge @ Qüeros 23:00-01:00 BLUF SOCIAL TORREMOLINOS @ Aqua (BLUF&LFS members entry and wardrobe for free) Saturday 14th 20:30-22:30 BLUF SOCIAL TORREMOLINOS @ Men’s (BLUF&LFS members 2x1) Sunday 15th 12:00 Farewell Brunch @ Ritual Hotel Torremolinos ONLINE Leather Market on Wallapop HOSTS Luis, aka alterCUERO (255), SPYKEMAD-Mr.Leather Spain 2.017 (766)

Hotel Ritual, Torremolinos, Spain Boxer Torremolinos

BLUF Social Torremolinos

Friday 13 Oct, 23:00

BLUF HOUR 23:00-01:00 @AQUA club (La Nogalera s/n, Torremolinos) ENTRY 10€ (1 drink for free) BLUF members and LFSpain members have free entry and wardrobe (membership card will be required) After BLUF HOUR we could enjoy one of the best parties in TLF Torremolinos Leather & Fetish, at AQUA club with DJ Neo Scott and DJ Eduardo Tempa. Hosts Luis, aka alterCUERO (255) & SPYKEMAD-Mr.Leather Spain 2.017 (766)

AQUA club (La Nogalera)

Cigar Lounge

Friday 13 Oct, 20:00

CIGAR LOUNGE at BLUF TORREMOLINOS WEEKEND FRIDAY 13th October ENTRY: FREE Drinks 6€, beers & soft drinks 3€ BLUF&LFSpain members 2x1 (2 drinks or 4 beers/soft drinks)* *Membership card will be required. Not combined offers.

Qüero men's bar

BLUF Social Torremolinos II

Saturday 14 Oct, 20:30

BLUF HOUR 20:30-22:30 @MEN's Bar (La Nogalera) BLUF & LFSpain members have 2x1 (4€ beers/soft drinks, 8€ drinks, 12€ Premium like Hendrix, Chivas, Cardhu) Membership card will be required. Not combined offers. After BLUF HOUR we could continue the party with the official party in TLF Torremolinos Leather & Fetish, XisTEN at Querell Torremolinos with DJ Juanma. Hosts Luis, aka alterCUERO (255) & SPYKEMAD-Mr.Leather Spain 2.017 (766)


BLUF Madrid Winter Social

Thursday 07 Dec, 22:00

Join BLUF Madrid for our Winter Social. More info: Luis, aka alterCUERO (255)

Substation, C. Monserrat 30, Madrid, Spain

Mr Leather Spain 2018 Contest

Saturday 09 Dec, 20:00

3rd Edition of Mr Leather Spain.

Sala Changó (C\Covarrubias 42)

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