BLUF Local News: Bristol

BLUF Bristol #9

The next BLUF Bristol meet takes place on Easter Saturday, our ninth meet!

Some thought was given to the date. Many people are fearful of holding any event during Easter due to the perception that "everyone's in Berlin for Easter". So, we canvassed local members and discovered that this far form the case.

We also took a look around to see what was happening around the UK. There are no other BLUF meet or events planned in the UK during the Easter weekend.

There was a genuine enthusiasm for a Easter meet, so in response to your eagerness: Easter Saturday it is!

As usual, we have secured exclusive use of the cellars of The Retreat for the whole night, which ensures a wall-to-wall leather event.

A strict dresscode is enforced. It's BLUF members and registered guests of members only (and guests MUST meet the dresscode). You the drill guys!

Friday 06 February, Peter, aka LeatherCox (1833).