BLUF Local News: Bristol

BLUF Bristol #8

The first BLUF meet of 2015 in the UK is now just over a week away on Saturday 24th Janaury.

As has come to be expected of Bristol, the local group has secured an exclusive use of a venue for BLUF members all night! So, it will be a wall-to-wall leather event: a sea of Muir caps and gloves wrapped around pint glasses. There's no "first hour exclusive" only to share the bar/venue later on where the atmosphere and leather feel gets..well...diluted.

BLUF members meet from 10pm onwards downstairs in the cellars of the Retreat, on West Street in the hear of the Old Market Quarter Bristol until 2am.

Again, we have a few new faces coming along to their first ever BLUF meet: some new members, some existing members, some guests of members trying us out! Their enthusiasm and excitement is high.

Here's a great way to start your leather in 2015 and support leather events and venues.

We saw the shock news that The Argos in Amsterdam was to close its doors on the eve of the New Year: not the best news to start 2015.

Again, it appears the root cause was numbers: we have had a timely reminder that it is the case of "use it/support it OR lose it".

Are we really destined to only enjoy our leather life on-line, at a few big sex parties that don't lend itself to the social side of life and building community?

Is that it?

Is it going to be travelling to one or two leather weekends away at a leather pride or fest?

Is that it?

Do we only get to enjoy our leather banished to our homes with a few hook-ups during the year?

Is that it?

As far as we are concerned here in Bristol, we will continue to do everything we can to ensure our leather way of life does not get driven underground. And that means it starts with each of us.

So, New Year Sermon over guys!!!

Bristol's ready to welcome you. You'll have a great night out in the company of your BLUF brothers.

Any questions? Just send a BLUF message to S'Berg #1833.

Friday 16 January, Peter, aka LeatherCox (1833).