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John Pendal

Worthing, United Kingdom

Coaching and mentoring is available from BDSM educator and former International Mr Leather, John Pendal - either as calls to individuals and relationship groups, or workshops to larger numbers.

The services offered are different for each client. Some are in relationships and want help getting around issues, (different kinks/ different ideas of foreplay/ struggling with domesticity and being kinky) - some are individuals who are planning on a new kink and want advice or information. Other people need help getting over mental blocks which are stopping them from enjoying the life they want to lead.

Each session is individually tailored, with questions in advance and a written summary sent afterwards so you don't need to take notes. There is voluntary homework (theory and/ or practical - depending on your needs) and the results discussed in feedback sessions. Everything is done with your consent. Usually there is one hour long call a week for the participant, with John also preparing questions, homework and summary notes.

John is a cisgender gay man (pronouns he/ him). In 2003 he became the 25th person to win the annual International Mr Leather contest in Chicago. Since then he has travelled extensively teaching BDSM workshops around the world, including at Beyond Leather in Fort Lauderdale, Down an Dirty in Melbourne, Edgeplay Scotland in Edinburgh, HunCon in Budapest, Inferno, Kinkferansen in Oslo, Leather Camp in Wichita, the London Alternative Market, Lupercalia in Canada, Minnesota Leather Pride, Mr Leatherman Toronto, Palm Springs Leather Pride, Rome BDSM Conference, SINSations in Leather, SM Bergen in Norway, Spring in the South in Atlanta, Tribal Fire in Oklahoma, and Thunder in the Mountains in Denver (every year from 2007 to 2017).

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