Donate to BLUF

BLUF is run by volunteers, and doesn't charge its members an annual fee. We rely instead on donations to cover the costs of running and developing the web site and apps. We welcome any contribution, no matter the size.

Via this page, you can make a donation via credit or debit card. Just enter the amount you would like to donate - in UK £ - and click the donate button, then fill in your card details. You'll see a charge from BLUF Ltd on your card.

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How we use your donations

The principal use of your donations is to pay for the costs involved in hosting on a dedicated server. We use a dedicated server, because we believe that's the best way of ensuring we can develop the site in the way we wish, and maintain the privacy of our members.

Other typical expenditure includes

  • Software licences for developing the BLUF site and apps
  • Membership of relevant developer programs
  • Costs of software development
  • Promotional material, such as BLUF flags and flyers
  • Banking and payment charges
  • Professional fees, such as accountancy
  • Internet service charges, such as domain fees
  • Other fees, such as company filing charges

Day to day management of BLUF, and the organisation of events is all undertaken on a voluntary basis, and expenses or remuneration are offered only in exceptional circumstances. Major projects, such as developing the site or apps, may from time to time be undertaken on a paid basis, at the discretion of the Directors.

Already a member?

If you are already a member, please use this link to make a donation. You will have to sign in to the site, but your donation will be correctly recorded on your BLUF account, ensuring that you qualify for a BLUF card, if you donate at least £10.

Thinking of joining?

Our online application system includes a page where you can make a donation as part of your application. Your card will only be charged if your application is successful, and your donation will be recorded on your BLUF account, ensuring you qualify for a BLUF card as soon as you become a member (subject to minimum donation of £10). You can start your application by visiting

Donations and tax

Because we want to reserve the right for BLUF to campaign, or to make statements that might be considered political - for example, about equal marriage, PrEP or censorship of the internet - we are not a registered charity. So, it's not possible to claim a tax rebate or deduction for donations made to BLUF. Nevertheless, we hope you'll consider making a gift.

BLUF Ltd, the company that operates BLUF, does not have employees or shareholders. You can read more about how we are set up on this page.